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#GOlobe30tting Day 25 Venice, Italy

Day 25 – Venice, Italy

2-hour high speed train from Milan to Venice: 8.5k php/4 pax
July 15, 2016 | Domus Cavanis Hotel; Rio Terà Foscarini 895, Dorsoduro, 30123 Venice, Italy | +39 041 5287374
1 night total: ₱ 20k php/night for 2 rooms, 3 star hotel. Breakfast included.

No airbnb available in Venice, so Ate booked us in a 3-star hotel (Click on link above). 2 rooms, hiwalay ang girls from boys. Sadness! </3 Walang gabi ng lagim na mangyayari hehe.

Shopping doesn’t seem so much fun anymore when you have to carry everything around with you at ALL times. And an extra pair of hands is what we need baldy when our luggages outnumber us 2:1 lol. Nasaan si Yaya when you need her the most? ;P

Train is our mode of intercity transport around Italy and since we’re moving practically every day, it’s enough to deter us to buy a single thing for fear of having the need to open yet another bag. So ayan, Kap found a cure na for my shopping addiction hehe. Pagbuhatin lang pala ako ng pagkabigat-bigat na maleta, solb na! ;)) Kung alam lang nya siguro, sa Maynila palang pinagbuhat na ako ng 10 maleta wahaha!


Getting a much needed rest before hauling our heavy maletas to the train. #hebigat


Whew! Fait accompli! Very good, my Honey! :-*

So thankful for the bag deposit service at the train station which we found out about while in transit. Namumrublema kami how to get our million & one luggages across the waters of Venice that God gave us a temporary albeit very useful solution through the ticket master who suggested this bright idea! Bag drop yaaay!


Haba ng pila! @_@ Everyone must have gotten the same memo on bag drop!


Fee: 1k/bag/24 hours. Times 6 bags is 6k php. Ahuhuhu kay sakit kuya Eddie!

Awang-awa na ako kay Kap sobra as he was carrying bags with no wheels. He sent 2 wheeled bags with Ate when she left & opted to use the 2 he packed without wheels.  For what stupid reason I really don’t know. Hong hirooop! Mega-flex ang muscles ng machong asawa ko. With matching hernia! :P

Laking ginhawa si bag drop, kahit magbayad pa ok lang at this point. Pati si kubang kampanerang Kap hindi na nagrereklamo hehehe.


Venice is so beautiful! I can stay here a week and just look at this view (my hunky-dunk men included of course).


Can you imagine doe? Us with our maletas on board this super capacity-filled water taxi? Baka dahil pa sa amin lulubog! :P


The water bus takes a while & makes a stop at every port. Grab a seat when you can, it’s gonna be some time to get to your destination.

And after the maleta issue, we were finally free to explore the beautiful, beautiful city of Venice! <3 Only half a day to explore, ano ba yan? Sobrang kulang ang panahon. But first, another delayed lunch! Hilong-talilong kami lagi sa gutom.


Our hotel location is great! Access to water taxi & restos in just a few steps. Galing ni Ate! \m/


Lunch first. Thick, rolled up pizzas definitely saved the day.


Kulang ang pizza. An order of pasta on the side for the kids.


When your bae is no longer a baby huhuhu! Ang pagdadalaga. Byudipul! I love you darling! #sweetsixteen


Hindi halatang mga gutom. It seems like we’re always hungry in this fast-paced trip. Bilis ma-burn whatever we eat because of all the walking & sight-seeing that we do day in & day out.


And for a burst of needed energy, GELATO woohoo! \m/

No time to waste as we followed Ate’s itinerary for the day. These are the sights she wanted to see herself, and by golly.. by hook or by crook, we WILL see them so as to not disappoint her.

Rialto Bridge and Rialto Market. The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. It is the oldest bridge across the canal, and was the dividing line for the districts of San Marco and San Polo.

The development and importance of the Rialto market on the eastern bank increased traffic on the floating bridge, so it was replaced in 1255 by a wooden bridge. This structure had two inclined ramps meeting at a movable central section, that could be raised to allow the passage of tall ships. The connection with the market eventually led to a change of name for the bridge.

The present stone bridge, a single span designed by Antonio da Ponte, was finally completed in 1591. It is similar to the wooden bridge it succeeded. Two inclined ramps lead up to a central portico. On either side of the portico, the covered ramps carry rows of shops.


Rialto Bridge. Daming tao sa Italy.. change that. Daming pinoy sa Italy. Feel at home kami! Ateeeeng! San makakabili ng wifiiiiii???


My babyson finds humor in every situation. Good, because I needed major cheering up stat. ;)


When did YOU grow up, Bae??? :'(( Parang nalingat lang ako saglit?

Basilica San Marco (St Mark’s Basilica) is the main church of Venice. It is the most famous of the many churches of Venice and one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture in the world. Located just off the Grand Canal, the gleaming basilica overlooks the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) and adjoins the Doge’s Palace. San Marco is a cathedral, but has not always been so: it was the Doge’s chapel until it became the seat of the Archbishop of Venice in 1807.


Such beautiful architecture. If only people knew how to take proper pictures hehe. Nasa huli lagi ang pagsisisi, bakit ba hindi namin nadala ang tripod!

The Doge’s Palace is a gothic palace in Venice, northern Italy. The palace was the home of the Doge of Venice, the ruler of the Republic of Venice. In 1923 the palace became a museum, one of 11 museums run by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.


We were forewarned of thieves & pickpockets in Italy so we were wary who to ask to take our pictures. Thankfully now & then we’d see families & we would offer to trade taking photos of each other. ;)


Day trip to Burano (using Vaporetto)

Another of the lagoons famous islands, Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. Burano, is known best for its charming canal-lined fisherman’s homes, each painted as brightly as the Venetian sky, and with an atmosphere that is intrinsically unique.


Visitors can hop on a boat and enjoy various islands and existing towns—one of the most popular choices being the glass-making island of Murano, located on near the northern shore. Murano, aside from its industry, also sports an impressive canal-sides & delightful lighthouse.


We got to Murano late so the popular glass-blowing show was done. We had to make do with this mediocre stint para hindi naman masayang ang lakad namin. Fee was 5 euro/person inside a church, sort of a donation. You get to watch the making of a glass vase.

Rode the gondola to end our wonderful day in Venice. A gondola is flat and made of wood. It’s 11 meters long, weighs 600 kg and is hand built in special workshops called squeri of which there are still a few today. Gondolas are seen in festival parades and in regate or rowing competitions.

Most people recommend taking a gondola ride on the quiet, back canals rather than on the crowded Grand Canal. If you want to ride on the Grand Canal, a vaporetto (water taxi) is much less costly (but where is the romance in that, right?). Riding on canals outside the main tourist area lets you see a different view of Venice and there won’t be bumper to bumper gondalas.

Choose a gondola stop in the area you want to visit. If you want back canals, walk a few blocks off the main street (and away from San Marco) to look for a gondolier. CLICK HERE to see map and information that can help you choose what neighborhood you want to explore.

A gondola is like a luxury car. Although black is the official color, many are ornately decorated and have comfortable seats and blankets. You can stroll around and look for one that suits your fancy.

Gondola Ride (80 euros, 45 minutes)..


The last time we were on a gondola, may harana especial pa. Sadly this in era, no more singing gondoliers even by special request. Why is that?? :'((


Mother-and-child tandem. Reminds me of..


Dati, si Mudrang 3rd-wheeler ang katabi ko sa gondola on my honeymoon. (May K kasi sya ang nagbayad ng pamasahe!) I’m glad Kap & I were able to ride the gondola in Venice again 22 years & 3 grown kids later, this time together na at HHWL (holding hands with landian) pa. Game na game pa ring mag-honeymoon basta ba may alaxan! #forjointandmusclepains


The only thing missing to make this picture perfect is having you in it too my everdearest Ate! </3

Capped our long day with a dinner by the sea. Hindi lang halata coz we were fronting it, lol. Pizza & Pasta dinner al fresco before heading for to a much needed snooze.


Tomorrow is another day. Balik hakot na naman kami ng katakot-takot na maleta. Chika uli tayo sa susunod. :-*


The story of us.. Kap to Gondolier: How much? (imagine with chinese accent hehehe) Gondolier to Kap: 80 small-eh ride-eh (short ride/30 minutes), 120 big-eh ride-eh (long ride 60 minutes). Kap: Short ride only. Me: Umandar na naman ang kakunatan mo. Ayoko nga ng short ride! Minsan lang tayong umapak ng Venice eh! Kap to me: Kasi yung 40 euro pangbili sana ng pandora charm mo. Gondolier: So what will it be? Me: Short ride only. (fiipino accent) TY. Ito ang resulta, a gondolier charm. Siksik-bagsik na ang bracelet ko woohoo. Thank you my honey!! Belgium charm nalang ang kulang. Please buy. ASAP!

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