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#GOlobe30tting Day 24 Milan, Italy

Day 24 – Milan, Italy

Plane fare from Zurich to Milan: 30k php for 4 pax. 1 hour ride.
July 14, 2016 | Via Noto, 17, 20141 Milano, Italy | +39 333 189 8920
1 night total ₱7,278
Host – Pier Stenghel

Was too busy to pray again before leaving for our early flight to Milan. Everything went downhill because we didn’t start our day with a prayer.

Our pre-booked cab didn’t arrive so we had to get another taxi, a much smaller one. We were all cramped like sardines. On the bright side, God still didn’t forsake us as a nice middle-eastern guy manning a convenience store helped us call a cab with his personal phone.

Upon checking in the airport, we found out that since we got the cheapest airfare (which is totally NOT cheap in my book) from Switzerland to Milan, baggages are NOT included in the fare. As in you are supposed to fly baggage-free! GASP. Namutla si Kap, I kid you not hahaha. Muntikan na nyang ipaiwan lahat ng maleta namin sa airport coz his computation per kilo aabutin kami sa 150k php for baggages alone! Thank God for His goodness & mercy hindi kami na-charge por kilo. We were asked to pay around 1.5k php for each of the 4 big luggages & an extra 6k for the 2 overweight mallets. Pikit-mata nalang. :'((


Additional 12k down the drain. Salot talaga sa amin ang Switzerland huhu. Hindi na talaga kami tatapak evar!

Bumalik na ang kulay sa mukha ni Kap hehe. Kaso hindi tan, RED. Galit! ;)) Bakit daw hindi kami nagtse-check bago bumili ng pamasahe trololol. Oo nga naman, pero deadma lang. Palipasin ang init ng ulo, kain muna ako ng stroopwafel na baon namin mula pa Belgium para maubos na hay!


For the first time since our trip, hiwalay kami ng upo ni Kap lels. LQ! :P Look at dat fez! ;)) Ininis ko pa kasi lafang lang ako while he was stewing. #palosapwet

Upon security check in, napigil na naman kami. Babyson’s personalized swiss knife was almost confiscated. Nakita sigurong nangingilid na ang luha ni binata kaya naawa, pinatago nalang sa ilalim ng hand-carry hehehe. God was still with us, nagpapa-alala lang.

Hay naku, malas yata talaga ang Switzerland sa amin! :P We gathered around for another prayer intercession. Bakit ba kasi lagi kaming nakakalimot dala ng kamamadali at stress.



Touchdown Milan! Hong loyoh ng airport sa apartment! 150 euro ang bill ng uber for an hour of transpo. Lagot! Painit na naman ang ulo ni Kap hehe. La pa namang Chinese resto in the horizon.


Touchdown Milan! <3 6 days in Italy woohoo! Malamig na ang mga ulo. ;)

After settling in our apartment, we went in search of authentic Italian food. Our host pointed us to the direction of IL MAGO just around the corner from our apartment. Not the best pizza or pasta, but it’s ok, we still have 5 days to go anyway, karirin yan. #eatpraylove


At this point, kalam na ang sikmura namin. Anything would have been acceptable hehe. Our meal times throughout our month-long trip have been so erratic, wala lagi sa oras. Kung saan at kailan lang kami abutin.


Price point is A-OK. Kap approved.


Come to think of it -and looking at this picture, parang ok naman ang kinain namin. I think my expectations for an Italian meal in an Italian country was just exceptionally high.


To be honest, before we left, we had lunch at SALVADOR CUOMO & the pizza and pasta we had there were FANTASTIC. Kaya siguro ako mej disappointed when it came to an authentic Italian meal in an Italian city kasi parang mas masarap pa yung sa BGC, no kidding.


My darling Bae was pretty happy with her cheese pizza though, and that’s what counts. ;)

We’re loving Italy compared to the previous European countries we’ve been to the past several weeks kasi ang daming Pinoy! As in nagkalat. And they’re so helpful too. We found 3 in the tram alone & they gave us tips, tips, and more tips. Thank yoooou ladies! <3


One Pinay even directed us to the nearest & most convenient money exchange center. :) Ubos na ang baon naming Euro! Time to bring out the US dollars na pinaka-tatago ni Kap hehe. For emergency lang daw. Honey, EMERGENCY ITO! Wala na akong pang-shopping in the land of leather goods!!! @_@

Rode to the farthest stop, destination Duomo -the center of Milan. Sobra akong na-sad na naman huhu. Ate would have enjoyed seeing this church. Oh what I would give to have her take my place. </3 An overwhelming emotion washed over me, hindi lang halata sa peechur kasi camwhore talaga ako. Makakita lang ako ng camera may ready smile na. As in 1-2 pa lang hapee toothpaste smile na ako! :P


Thank goodness for Viber! <3 I get to chat any time with Ate whenever the blues hits. I also get to see her lovely face, yay! <3 Oh how I have missed her so! </3 A mother’s heart is never at peace when her family is not complete.

Anyway, went up the Duomo. Pagoda coldwave lotion at stairway to heaven ang peg. Akala ko talaga malagutan na ako ng hininga! @_@ But the skyline & the rooftop architecture will really take your breath away -the 2nd time around.. kung buhay ka pa umabot from the climb! :P


Duomo is a term for an Italian cathedral church. Italian cathedrals are often highly decorated and contain notable artworks; in many cases the buildings themselves are true artworks.


Ate is always in our hearts wherever we may go. <3


For hours & admission, CLICK HERE.


Perhaps the best known Duomo is Milan Cathedral. Dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity (Santa Maria Nascente), it is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan. The Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the 5th-largest church in the world and the largest in Italy.


The ticket line is quite long so I would strongly advice that you make ALL ticket purchases online. To get to the top: 13.50 euros/person or 700 php each. Otherwise entrance to just the church is FREE.


But of course, ya gotta go up, up, UP! \m/ The architecture is something you wouldn’t wanna miss.


Browse the rooftop of the Duomo with an immersive 360 degree panoramic image by CLICKING HERE. Simply breathtaking! <3


Great detail has been put in every nook & cranny, even the roof, LOOK!


Para kang nasa langit na. <3


and the floor of the church! Italian marble at its finest. <3 <3 <3


I don’t normally enjoy touring churches but the grandeur of this one really blew me away. Speechless!

Italian Gelato sounds good after a long, tiring climb. Pati si Kap tuloy napasubo.. literally! ;) One scoop Italian gelato: 3 euros (150 php approximately).


The weather in Italy is really hot. Summer talaga kung summer, so this is the best way to beat the extreme heat.


I love the diverse & unique flavors found in every gelateria. Laging may kakaiba.


Italian Gelato! The first lick is dedicated to you, our darling Ate! We love & miss you so so much! :-*

Walked around some more after that yummy pick-me-upper & spent the rest of the day at a more leisurely pace..


If like us, you have just a day to see Milan, then I suggest you take this HOP ON, HOP OFF MILANO BUS to see the entire city. Around 1,250 php each for the whole day & get on/get off wherever you want. When we got to Milan though, half the day was already gone so it was pointless to take this ride. Make sure you have a whole day to fully benefit this service.


My thoughts as I took this peechur.. fried pigeons lol. #gutom


Inside this edifice right across the Duomo are super high-end designer boutiques. Napabilis ang lakad ko! ;))


The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls housed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan. It was designed in 1861 and built by Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877. The structure consists of two glass-vaulted arcades intersecting in an octagon covering the street connecting Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Scala. The street is covered by an arching glass and cast iron roof.


Not to be missed.. Shoe-fie! ;)

Nadaanan ni Kap! Bumalik na uli ang radar nya sa Chinese food, lol. Awwwwwww wawa naman! But sorry honey wala pa akong shopping. Hindi pa pwede! Wait ka lang muna!


Nothing.. and NO ONE, can come between Kap & his fondness for chinese food. Sige na nga!!! @_@


Our chinese dinner: 2,750 php more for less. Kap’s happiness, priceless! <3


In fairness, masarap sya. Ubos!


A happy husband makes for a happy wife. A happy wife makes for a happy life. Ganyan lang naman yan. ;)

One day per city is just not enough. Next time I promise you Ate, we will come back to Italy & see every nook and cranny that your heart desires. <3 Susuyurin natin ang buong Italy, totoo yan.

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