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#GOlobe30tting Day 20 Brighton, England

Day 20

10 more days to go before I see my beloved Ate again wheeeee!! I’m glad her friends are taking such good care of her so weekends are not very lonesome. It’s hard living in an empty house, when a home is just not a home without your family. </3 Anyway, school is keeping her busy. Busy is good. ;)


One of her many caring friends. <3 Cesca really made sure Ate had company most of the 2 weeks we were apart by going out with her, inviting her along to family outings, visiting her in our home, and having her over at her house. I am eternally grateful to her for adopting my Sweetness.

Today we’re off to Brighton, a pebble beach that my Lovey has been clamoring to see since we got to London. Her wish is our command, of course.

We’re leaving early Tuesday morning so this is the last time we get to bond with my uncle Jeffrey & his adorbs fam. They’ve been nothing but super generous & accommodating, we will surely miss them! </3 I’m glad we get to have a full day to spend together.


Sunday was the only available day for my uncle & his family so we hied off to the beach to have a picnic. However, it was a cold & rainy day, supah wrong timing, too bad. It would have been a really nice visit had the sun shined brightly.

Parking on a Sunday is next to impossible because everyone, it seems, had the same brilliant idea of going to the beach! :P Luckily, we found one right beside the The Old Ship Hotel which had a cute JB’s American Diner out front.

As it was raining heavily & the wind was blowing furiously, we took solace inside & ate our fill before braving the weather.


JB’s American Diner is one of Brighton’s unique eccentricities. It’s a quirky American Diner from the 50’s rock n’ roll, to the dining booths and the stars n’ stripes flying proud as you eat your way through the delicious American-themed menu.


Eager to try Brighton’s giant milkshakes, burgers and steaks. A happy respite from all our Chinese foodtrips! :P


JB’s American Diner is decorated with posters, photos and memorabilia from the 1950’s.


The burgers are huge & available in many different varieties, the Texan BBQ and ‘Across The Border’ Mexican being all-time favourites. Other top sellers include the foot-long hotdogs and rack of ribs.


Everything is generous in proportion, just like these giant onion rings. Happiness! <3


I couldn’t resist ordering this chico-mint milkshake (aptly named The Hulk) inspite of the freezing weather outside.


And the kids followed suit. Walang sisihan ha! ;))


Every item on the menu is good for sharing. Unless you’re a part of team GOppets, then the serving is just right for one, lol.


Great meal, great send-off! Lunch meal for the entire fambam: 6.5k php


The busog-lusog group. <3

Wrong timing for my Bae OOTD too as the wind kept flapping her skirt every which way, lol. She finally tied it at the base in frustration. Bomba starlet sya kung nagkataon! ;))


#ootd.. Brighton Beach Front. Brrrrrr! Me before we left: Bae, won’t you get cold in that outfit Bae: It’s ok mom. I wanna look cute in the beach for pictures. Kalabas-labasan: Freezes her ass off in Brighton! Kisay beauty trololol! pero okay lang, cute naman daw sya!


The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier is a pleasure pier in Brighton, England with rides & different food stalls. If only the weather was nicer. Entrance is free unless you take the rides.


I don’t know, but the beaches here in Manila seems cleaner.. and nicer? :P


So cute. As my Lovey was getting a penny press for her Ate, a bunch of young girls her age lined up. Ayan, para lang silang mag-dabarkads haha. Pati kulay ng buhok hawig.


Now I understand na in the movies nasa beach sila pero nada-jacket parang timang. Eh ang ginaaaaaw naman pala talaga!


Perfect! From the skin color to the size hehe. Me & Kap, ire pa more honey!


Order here daw. Eh syempre pa bawal kaming mag-order. Chinese food ka ba? #kasihanaphanapkita ;P


If only it weren’t too cold, I would have hankered Kap to go on a ride with me. I love preys! And this one looked so much fun! <3

The area around Brighton called THE LANES has plenty of interesting little shops perfect for unique pasalubong!


The thing with buying though is you have to lug it around wherever you go. Eh lahat kami tamad magbuhat, so no buying hehe. Kap is happy!



Chocolate emporium! LOVE!! Pero hanggang tingin lang, mahirap nang ma-diabetic coma!


Anyway, I don’t think I can bear to nibble on one. It’s like eating my dear Lelly! Gasp!


Brownies overload! <3


Hay. May tinutukoy ka??? @_@

My uncle took care of our picnic needs. Kumpletos rekados ang dala nya from the baby wipes to the wine glasses to the food. Cheers! Thank you for the love, damang-dama kahit na maginaw. :-*


You can tell a man’s goodness by how he loves his family. My uncle & my hunny bunny are cut from the same cloth. Maalaga.


Too bad it was too windy for a picnic blanket. Nililipad. We had to make do with this fixed bench while overlooking the ocean.


Ocean’s 8. Nyehehe. ;P

Went home with happy hearts. It’s gonna be a while til we see my uncle’s family again. Will surely miss them so. They have been such a great help to us the past 2 weeks we were in London. #blessup


Too cold & too tired to eat dinner out after a long day so we bought take-out to enjoy in the comfort of our heated apartment.


Table for four, it’s times like this that my sadness & longing for Ate overwhelms me. :'( Ayan maga na naman ang mata ko, lol. I’m such a crybaby!

Tomorrow is another adventure. And another busy day ahead. Gotta get some rest now, mwah! :-*

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