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#GOlobe30tting Day 17

Day 17

Went to the mall today to have our wifi connection checked. We were able to use the mobile internet from EE for a couple of days but after leaving London then coming back again, ayaw na naman umandar. Hay naku.

The peeps were also baffled. It took my babyson to figure out the phone settings then it worked na uli. Susmaryosep kaya mo naman pala anak nagbyahe pa tayo paputang mall. Hay naku part 2.


Gotta find an easier way to get wifi for our next travel. Getting mobile wifi country to country takes up too much time & effort. Kaso mahal naman ang roaming hmp.


Because the outlet mall is far, around 2 hours worth of driving, we had no time for lunch. Heto, chips nalang pantawid gutom. Grateful that Kap keeps our car fully stocked with snacks & drinks. Boy scout talaga ang Honey ko. <3

Left for Bicester Village in the outskirts. Since we have 6 full days in our hands back in London dahil nga sa cancelled trips to other destinations, Kap decided we can go on far journeys within London para hindi daw kami nakatiwangwang lang sa apartment.

Kaya tandaan mo yan Kap ha? Desisyon mong dalhin kami sa outlet. Walang sisihan. ;))


Bicester Village is the London counterpart of Paris’ La Vallee. Same brands, same discounts. If you’re a material girl like me, these 2 are A MUST on your travel destinations! ;)


A full day is not enough. Most certainly your pocket money is NEVER enough. So many things to buy, so few money to spend huhuhu.


Spotted: BALENCIAGA woohoo! \m/ Nangislap agad ang mata ni Bae hehe.


On our trip to La Vallee in Paris, we went home empty-handed. Since these are outlet stores, you have to understand that they sell last last season’s wares. Don’t expect the new arrivals to magically appear in front of you at discounted prices. But once in a while, you find hidden gems. You just gotta look deep & hard. Like this Dior shades. STEAL! <3


Wimbledon items are always sold retail price, never discounted. But Kap was happy to pay full price for these tennis merchandise. I’m glad. <3


Now this beautiful calf-leather large¬†YSL MUSE was a real steal at 60% off! Ang saya-saya. I was actually contemplating on whether or not I should get this since the calfskin Givenchy Nightingale from yesterday is more or less the same color. But what the heck, katangahan na sobra if I don’t grab it. SOLD! \m/

It was a pretty chill and PRODUCTIVE day for me, lol. Yun lang, it took the whole day coz of the long drive. So if you plan on visiting, set aside a whole day as there are also plenty of designer shops to cover.


My Bae & I had pizza for dinner at PIZZA EXPRESS. Ngarag na kami sa gutom from not eating the whole day. It was only after the adrenaline rush that we felt major hunger pangs. Na-conceal ng shopping! ;) Effective pang-diet.


The pizza was just so-so but the chicken pesto pasta was really yummy! <3


While Kap & our babyson ate at the Chinese take-away, WAH HONG next door near the outlet. Stress buster ni Kap ang chinese food kapag nakukunume sa shopping spree ko hahahahaha!

Bukas naman Stonehenge. 3-hour drive away hehe, palayo ng palayo. How I wish Ate were here. But there’s always a next time. Hala Kap, work pa more. Next time daw oh? ;P

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