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#GOlobe30tting Day 11 London to Brussels

Day 11 – London to Brussels

Goodbye for now London, catching a train going to Brussels in the afternoon. Again, so thankful for my uncle who picked us up from the station in Paris, is taking us there again bound for Brussels, then picking us up when we come back to London. Grabeng perwisyo ang ginawa namin sa buong pamilya hehe.

Another round of packing took up the whole morning, grabe ang pinamili ng mga kasama ko hindi magsara ang mga maleta! Kamot uli si Kap. Tapos paglabas ng apartment hulidap pa sya sa illegal parking, kamot ulo again mwahaha. My poor honeypie! ;)) This is not turning out to be a good day for him.


O-oh! Illegal parking. From 5:30 pm up parking is free until 8:30 am. Eh sa kabaratan ni Kap hindi sya nagbayad ng parking kinabukasan ng umaga kasi hindi na daw mahahalata. Ayan, napamahal pa tuloy sya. Learning the lesson the hard way. Ngayon alisto na sya, wahaha! ;))

We had to check out of the apartment by 11am so we went to the mall for a quick lunch. Then it was off to the train station for another adventure in different city. Lunch in London, dinner in Belgium, nuks naman! Parang totoo, trololol!


My uncle & his wife took a leave so they can take us around. I feel so loved & cherished. <3


Mej mataas ng konti sa budget ni Kap na 500 peso/meal. Lagot, bawas sa dinner allowance ko yan hehe.


The food is kinda bland, masyado yata akong nasanay sa maalat at vetsin! ;P


In fair, good mood naman si Kap. Mukhang nakalusot ako. ;)

We’re been so comfy staying in London mainly because of my uncle, plus the people, I find, are much nicer. The place more laid back than Paris. And quiet, much more quiet. :) Yung tinirahan namin is in East London, so mej population turban at belo. But it was ok & safe naman kami which is what’s important.

Took the Eurostar bus from London to Brussels. STANDARD £67.00 Speed and simplicity  | STANDARD PREMIER £132.00 Service and style, all the way. Our 2-hour train ride: 30k php for 5 pax, one way. A light meal and drinks served at your seat. Spacious coaches and comfortable seats. Complimentary magazines  | BUSINESS PREMIER £276.00 Designed for business. Total flexibility and boarding guarantee. Access to exclusive Business Premier lounges with delicious meals designed by Raymond Blanc. Hulaan nyo saan kami banda, eh di syempre naman sa standard. Bow.


2.5 hour train ride means we can snooze, yay!

The train ride to Belgium took 2.5 hours. It was pouring when we got to our destination, God is so good to have a big taxi that can accommodate all 5 of us PLUS our big luggages. All the rest were small taxis. It’s like the big one was there specifically for us. Lakas ng praying power ni Kap my Kap. #blessup

Not only that, our driver was so nice too. He took us to a convenience store to buy a sim card for mobile wifi. And he waited patiently as Kap & my babyson got instructions. I’m liking Brussels a lot already by the minute. Well, except for the weather na sala sa init sala sa lamig. It’s really cray! Isang minuto sobrang araw, tapos biglaan nalang didilim at uulan. Repeat again. It’s a never-ending cycle kaya bukas-sara kami ng payong, lol.


Eurostar is the fastest commute going inter-country BUT expensive, especially if it’s just a 2-day stay per city parang hindi sulit.


Glad to have this big black taxi (van) to shelter us from the cold wind & pouring rain when we got to Brussels.

It’s football season here all over Europe so no chance of dinner out, every pub was full. Kap & Ate sourced us food to eat for dinner while the rest of us nested & showered. Thank you so much gaize! :-*

July 1-July 4, 2016 | Rue du Belvédère 18 Ixelles, Bruxelles 1050 Belgium | +32 486 02 90 39 (Click on the link to see the apartment on airbnb)
3 nights total ₱24,038 with washer AND dryer, great location too, center of everything. Highly recommended.
Host – Cedric (super nice & helpful)

Good job on our apartment in Brussels Ate, so cool!


Not only is it super big & roomy with a basement, mezzanine & 2nd floor, it’s also artsy-fartsy & modern too! Yun lang, walang pintuan ang C.R. kaya libreng boso si Kap sa sexy bodeh ko!! #homaygas @_@


My babyson was supposed to sleep here in the basement, kaso mo puro tao-tao kaya natakot sya hehe. Ayun, nakipagsiksikan sa mga kapatid nya sa mezzanine.


Lovde the crusty pizza from MAMMA ROMA just a block away from our apartment. Sobrang sarap, you gotta try when you’re in the area, walang halong biro. Kap got 2 boxes at 20 euros total na. By the gram ang bili. Masaya sya, nakabawi na sa dinner hehe.

Tomorrow is another day. Signing off. :-*

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