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#GOlobe30tting Day 1 Paris, France

Day 1 – Paris, France

June 21-26, 2016 | 20 Rue Dauphine, Paris, Ile-de-France 75006+33 6 44 60 64 44
5 nights total ₱52,777 (2 queen beds, toilet & bath, washing machine, kitchenette/dinette)
Host – Matthieu P.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.00.49 PM

Landed in Paris early morning, 6:20 am is waaay too early for my taste. Yay though for more time to spend in the city on our first day! The weather was gloomy, but nothing can dampen our excitement & happy spirits. We’re in Paree – the city of LOVE, with the 4 people I love the most!! What’s not to be happy about, right?


Yay to our honeymoon.. I mean FAMILYmoon! <3 Lam nyo naman, the GOppets’ motto: OHANA = Family, which means no one gets left behind. ;)

Kap rented a car (7-seater Renau Scenic 6k/day) from SiXT Rent-a-car straight from the airport, so it was really convenient especially with our 5 big maletas and several hand carries. Plus it was drizzling non-stop too when we arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport. So – My hero! ;)


I’m so glad my Honey had the forethought of renting online a car for our first 2 days. Life became easy-peasy because we had a vehicle to take us around. Rental for this MPV is 6k/day.


Parking is a bitch in Paree so the rest of the days we had to take either the bus or the metro. But super convenient the first 2 days we had this car. I’d become quite attached to it, actually, teehee. Car charger-cum-locker-cum-transpo, sulit na sulit.


#GOlobe30otting2016. <3

Check-in time at our Airbnb was at 3pm but our host allowed us to drop off our luggages at his office upon landing. He wasn’t around though so we just carried around the maletas in the trunk. Again, thankful for our car, good thinking my Honey! Imagine if we didn’t have a vehicle with us & we had to pull around the luggages while sightseeing? Puro mura sigurado ang inabot ko mula sa kanilang lahat hehe.

Ate already planned a complete itinerary for our first day but Kap deemed it best to go to the far places first while we had the car for 2 days. It was win-win coz La Vallee Village came up. Outlet shopping on our first day? My adventure was starting out so nice already! \m/


La Vallee, which is an hour away from the city & is just beside Disneyland Paris, has ALL the designer brands you’ve ever dreamed of! Gucci, Valentino, Celine, Burberry, Tod’s, Givenchy, and so much more! I wanted to stay there forever! Now this is my type of happy place! <3


Nakakapagod mag-shopping! A 3-flavored rose gelato to calm me down from the over-excitement, lol!

Amorino Gelato


Create a rose & eat it too! Choose your favorite flavors from Amorino’s vast range of gelatos and sorbets, and top it with a delicate gelato filled macaron!

Created in 2002 by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino was born in the heart of Paris on Ile St Louis. It uses only the freshest free range organic eggs and the highest grade whole milk. Absolutely no colouring agent or artificial flavors – this is one of Amorino’s fundamental principles.


Having no Waze to guide us around coz we didn’t have internet yet & the airport connection wasn’t cooperating, we spent a good 45-60 minutes getting lost using google maps, lol. But it’s always our misadventures that are memorable, getting lost is part of our family trips.

What is it with vacays & the need to eat & eat? We had breakfast in the plane before getting off and yet we were still hungry. We don’t normally eat breakfast at home kasi nga late kami gumising. Pero sa lamyerda namin, walang kawala si Kap. Kain at shopping galore ang mangyayari, it can’t be helped! :P


When in Paris, of course, BOULANGERIE!! <3 French pastries for our first meal in France!


It was cold & drizzling the first day, we really loved the weather. Unfortunately, the following days were HOT, HOT, HOT na, boo!

Good thing too coz when we got to Chateau de Versailles before noon, gutom talaga ang inabot namin. (Entrance ticket prices HERE Adult: €18.00) The line was suuuuper long when we got there. But by the time we left at around 2 pm, walang pila. As in. So I suggest you go in the afternoon. It’s mostly indoors anyway so no need to worry about the sun’s glare. Try to work your way back from Marie Antoinette’s estate to avoid crowd.

The Palace, or Château de Versailles, is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. Versailles was the seat of political power in the Kingdom of France from 1682, when Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris, until the royal family was forced to return to the capital in October 1789, within three months after the beginning of the French Revolution. Versailles is therefore famous not only as a building, but as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchyof the Ancien Régime.


We love sharing joint experiences. <3 I hope to build memories to last a lifetime. Mukha na ba naming pagoda? ;)) Running on low batt here. Tired, sticky, and stinky.. but GORA lang! Were in Paris baby! Buti nalang Ate gave my stringy hair a quick rinse & shampoo in the airport!


The camwhores were very very happy with all the photo ops hehe! ;))


This dreamy, happy look on her face, SO priceless. <3 She is such a good daughter that seeing her this happy melts my heart. <3 I’d gladly do anything & everything to always see her this happy.


Of course, I was amazed myself with the grandeur & opulence that is Chateau Versailles.

One thing we discovered, kahit pala saan may traffic! Akala namin sa Pinas lang uso.  ;)) We were bumper to bumper the whole way in the city. It’s only when we got to the highway that traffic eased up. Maybe it’s also because of the UEFA EURO 2016 kaya ang daming tao sa Paris!


Uso rin pala sa Paris ang traffic? :P


It’s football season in Paris & football fanatics all over the world have arrived!!


Pero tanggal lahat ng suya at pagod with this beautiful sight to behold. The Eiffel Tower! \m/

Travel tip, try to get hold of LTE the earliest you can if you’re not on roaming. AND DO STAY TOGETHER until you get wifi connection & can contact each other.
Kaloka, 1st day misadventure agad-agad! Kap dropped off the 2 older kids at ORANGE along Rue de Rivoli as soon as we landed. Kaso kalechehan pure one-way streets pala ang Paris! So yung akala naming going around the block lang para ikutan uli sila took an entire strip, hindi pa namin alam saang kanto liliko coz nga no waze. Tapos ang haba pa pala ng Rue de Rivoli at napakadaming ORANGE outlets huhu. So for short, nawala namin ang 2 kids!

Wifi update: Turns out there are free wifi zones in the city. CLICK HERE to find out more! \m/ Anubah, huli na naming naaman! @_@

Muntikan ko nang hiwalayan si Kap right there & then for leaving our 2 precious babies without any communication lines open. God is so good talaga na natyempuhan naming pagliko in one of the many guessing games after going around for more than 45 minutes, the 2 were seen outside waiting for us. God is SO good!!
Mula nun, never na namin silang iniwan. Kapit-bisig na forever! Hay naku, nagpapalpitate na uli tuloy ako maisip ko lang!

Anyway, we had a long day. Turning in for now, chika again in the days to follow. I’ll try to update you whenever I can if I’m not super pagoda anymore. Goodnight Philippines!


Tumo-throwback lang. When Kap & I went to Europe on our honeymoon, I was craving for McDo. Hindi pa ganun kadami ang Mcdo outlets dati, so he really went out of his way to buy me a Big Mac. The first day we set foot this time around, he got me another burger to commemorate our Mcdo date in Paris! ;) Super sweet!

Oh, and here’s where we were supposed to stay for the 6 days in Paris, but shit happens. Abangan nalang ang susunod na kwento. Mwah! :-*


Just when we’ve settled in, we had to leave first thing the next day, hay buhay! Kawawa sobra si Kap & Babyson carrying all our luggages up the 3 flights of WINDING stairs! @_@


Husband appreciation time. He really takes such great care of us. I know everyone thinks their husband is the best, but sorry mine is really the BESTEST hehe. In spite of his misgivings & frustrations on us not packing light, he still carried my big & heavy maleta (plus his) the whole time from the moment we left to the time we arrived. I was treated like a queen in spite of my fuss & he didn’t allow me to lift even a finger. He carried our heavy & overweight maletas THREE flights up of a very narrow, winding stairs, with no complains (just a sight wince on his poor aching back). . He drove us around & indulged us in seeing places we wanted to see & go to ASAP -even without sleep & tiredness written all over his face. . He was the last to sleep -letting us all take turns in the bathroom so we can rest ahead, and first to wake up to take care of other things. When we woke up we had breakfast na. And now, he is doing our laundry pa! I am SO BLESSED to call this guy my husband. I really really hope & pray that someday, my girls will also be as lucky as me. Kap my Kap, wala kang katulad. So so happy that you’re mine, I love you!

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