Golfer’s Lounge at Tagaytay Highlands

For New Year’s Day, we had dinner at the Golfer’s Lounge of Tagaytay Highlands. It’s been a while since we went back to Tagaytay. And because we didn’t make a big fuss with the holiday celebrations last 2013, Kap allowed us to celebrate the start of the year away from home. Traffic going there was really really bad though. I think everyone had the same thought on where to spend the day. :P

Holiday revelers were delighted to have a photo op with guzzied up model homes from different subdivisions in Tagaytay selling prime properties.

Like this one. I can’t believe the patience & endurance of the people waiting in line just to have their picture taken here. Bravo, I say! :)

We finally reached highlands after 2 hours of traffic. GAH!

The Golfer’s Lounge’s specialty is it’s Sizzling Jumbo Bangus. As in JUMBO, good for the 5 of us & even more maybe coz it’s really HUGE! I don’t know why we never tried eating here in the past. Maybe because we’ve always favored either China Palace for chinese food, The Highlands Steakhouse for thick juicy red meat done the way we like it, or Bistro Saratoga for unlimited greens & pasta. I’m really glad we were able to give this lounge a try. We loved everything we ordered. Plus the weather was cool & breezy, like Baguio-cold! We were practically freezing in our lightweight clothes. Good thing their dad told them to bring a jacket in case the weather there was cooler than in Manila.

They never fail to make my heart melt. These are the moments I look forward to seeing during our bonding sessions. <3

Crispy Pata 680 php

Bulalo 750 php

Jumbo Sizzling Boneless Bangus 680 php
Garlic Rice 65 php/cup

Sizzling Sisig 280 php
I don’t recommend that you get this though. All fats. Scary! We sent it back.
Never be afraid to exert your right.. TO NOT DIE FROM HEART ATTACK!

And because I’ve been good the whole year round daw & not as magastos as before (he thinks!), I got a great big sloppy KISS! :-*

My happy little family! <3 I hope the year 2014 brings us even more joy & blessings. Good health & good tidings.

Lumpiang Ubod 180 php

Halo halo 200 php/order.

Even though they were freezing, sige pa rin sa halo-halo! @_@

Coz it’s just so dang good! <3

Too good that Kap got several scoops from each of our orders & voila, instant halo-halo for him because he didn’t want to order one for himself. #nagtitipid

Sigh. I guess some things just never change. Wala nang pag-asa si Kap na magbago hehe. Here’s to a year of well-being & prosperity to all of us. Cheers to 2014! :)

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