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Going to the Market at Ichiba

One lazy Sunday caught us roving the halls of Resorts World Manila. I saw several cute Instagram posts on Ichiba Japanese Market and despite warnings of mediocre food, we still went ahead & put our own tastebuds to the test.

Ichiba Japanese Market tries to recreate Tsukiji Market with its dampa style of wet market shopping. Having said that, do expect the price to be a wee bit higher from other Japanese restos since most available seafood is caught fresh & cooked upon demand.

Ichiba Japanese Market

Second Floor, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport City, Pasay City +63 9177322176


Number 12 on the wait list, it helped that Mom was with us. The Manger took pity in our sorry state that he bumped us after waiting some. Good job, mommy! :P


NEVER go to a new resto on a weekend. EVAR! See how full & jam-packed Ichiba Japanese Market is? How do you enjoy lunch in this state of calamity. :P


I have to commend the wait staff though. Kahit na aligaga sila, they were really nice & helpful throughout our 1-hour stay (yes, matagal magluto). Walang nagsusuplado, they had time for even the most simple question & request. Thank you for that. <3


Because I was forewarned, we didn’t order sashimi. Mahal daw hehe. Nahawa na ako kay Kap! @_@ I hear they were really fresh though.


Ichiba Japanese Market features a live seafood market where sea bass (P1,300/kg), alimasag (blue swimmer crab, P650), tiger lobsters (P5,000), swahe (shrimp, P680), and more are waiting to be caught & cooked any way you want: sashimi (P115/500g, P200/1kg), grilled with lemon butter (P135/500g, P235/1kg), fried as tempura (P170/500g, P315/1kg) or ala thermidor (P170/500g, P270/1kg).


You point, they cook. Turo-turo on a whole new level, lol.


Oooooh, LOVESTER! I had to restrain myself. 2.5k/kilo is a bit much, I think -even though I don’t go to the market. Mag-buffet nalang ako, eat all you can pa.


I recommend the takoyaki, if you’re a fan.


Takoyaki (6 pcs.) 105 php.


Spicy Salmon Roll 215 php & Ichiba Roll 285 php. We weren’t happy with the measly rolls though. I feel that they could have done a much better job seeing they are a Japanese resto.


Gyoza (6 pcs.) 135 php.


Dynamite Roll 285 php (6 pcs.). Sorry, sad & pathetic. I hope they up their maki game soon.


Yakiudon 320 php.


Yakitori Pork Belly 85 php/stick, Tori kawa 40 php, and Gyukushi 130 php.


Ebi Shioyaki 120 php/stick, Gyu Saikoro 380 php, and Chahan 80 php.


Mussel in oyster sauce, cooking fee 135 php. I think their strength lies in the seafood market, order those instead, not the ones on the menu.


Ika Furai 135 php, and Scallop Furai 280 php. These are both from the frozen section, not fresh.


So for the price, don’t except the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth foodgasmic experience with this scallop dish. ;)


1 kilo of Ebi Tempura, cooking fee 270 php. Swahe bought fresh from the market.


As fresh as my pretty Bae. <3


Add 800+ php for the swahe & mussels from the wet market, not bad.


Now comes the fun part. ;) Dressing up!!


Because life is all about having fun, and should definitely not be taken too seriously! My very game mom, and me – si talangka at si squidward, hahaha! ;)


My spawn.. baby squid & baby octopus! ;)) My babyson did not want to participate. He’s too cool daw for character hats, hmp! KJ! :P


Our crazy table. f you’re wondering where Kap & MIL are, they had their own ganap. Etchapwera kami hmp.

Overall, I would still suggest that you give Ichiba Japanese Market a try. If not for the food, then for the Japanese market experience -imagine yourself in Japan, wagi! That, and the funny hats hehe. Just don’t go on a weekend as it is always full!

And remember, freshly caught seafood trumps the food on the menu (the takoyaki is okay though), don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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