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#GOdavao2016 Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort

We simply couldn’t leave Davao without first enjoying it’s beautiful beaches. Samal coastlines not only offer some of the best Davao beaches known, but superb dive sites as well rich with marine life and wonders. So nope, not happening. ;)


It was a hot day but we dipped our feet in the cool, crystal clear waters & instantly felt refreshed. We had to go right back to our hotel to pack after a quick lunch, so we didn’t have time for a leisurely swim. Too bad. maybe next time. :) Another reason to return to Davao!



Kap & my Lovey fed the fishies without having to stray far. The waters are really so clean & clear, the marine life very friendly. <3


Having a shoreline of almost 800 meters, Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort is the only place in Samal Island that has maintained its shores by feeding the fishes, cleaning them by having periodic Scubasurero Activities, and has placed safety nets to ward off jelly fish and rubbish.

I’m not a beach person as you well know, but I gladly acceded to Kap’s idea of going to Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort to take a dip in Davao’s cool, clear waters on our last day. A last hurrah before our flight back home.

Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort

Km. 9, 1181 Sasa, Davao City, 8000 Philippines
Tel. (63) (82) 233 – 0251, 234 – 1229, 300 – 2343
Fax (63) (82) 234 – 2926
Mobile (63) 0920 – 954 – 6780
There is a public ferry that serves those who want to cross the channel. Guests are allowed entry at the resort only until 9:30 PM

Only 7 minutes away and traffic-free from Davao City, Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort is very near and visitors are ferried by a fleet of 10 colorful boats efficiently operated by the management of the resort from 5:00 AM up to 5:00 PM. After 5:00 PM, those who wish to go to Samal Island may ride the Ferry Boat which serves the public until 11:00 PM.

The 2 older kids caught an early morning flight out & ahead since they didn’t want to be absent from their classes after a too short weekend. So after seeing them off, the remaining GOppets hurriedly ate a quick & cold breakfast of leftovers & headed out to catch the first ferry out to Samal Island for some beach lovin’.



Finding their wings. My strong, independent children, eager to leave mommy’s nest & test the waters on their own, huhu. The’re all grown up & ready to fly.



Our excess order from the resto the night before proved useful as we had instant breakfast the next day! :P Chinese take-out is still good even when eaten cold.



Car owners need not worry where to park their cars when going to Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort. Their dock has a wide, fenced and canopied parking area that can accommodate a sizeable number of vehicles and is secured 24/7. If you wish bring your car along, a roro is available to bring them to the island, and guests can park their vehicles inside the resort without any worry or hassle.



Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, a secluded place along the famous Davao Gulf, offers a bundle of unique experiences from the boat ride to the shores of the island. As you cruise across the gulf, be amazed by a great panoramic view of Davao City and Mount Apo as its background to your right and the best side of Samal Island ahead which shows the white sand and azure blue waters on a sunny day. Be lulled by the sound of the soft waves at the same time feel the sea breeze in your face.



I couldn’t be any happier with the love, attention, and care they show their guests. We didn’t call to ask for assistance but I guess upon boarding the boat, their staff called ahead & we were greeted by these kind men who took care of the senior citizens. Now this is a whole new level of customer service. Thank you so much Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort for the love! <3



I was amazed at how short the travel was to the resort. It took us 10 minutes tops from the city to the island.



Cover charge includes the use of picnic tables & showers. The resort was clean & well-staffed. CLICK HERE to view overnight rates that start as low as 3.5k/night. Definitely Kap-approved. :)



The souvenir shop offers any & all things that you may have forgotten to bring, and small trinkets to bring back home to family & friends. The shop also operates the popular Water Sports and Recreational Games such as Ocean Kayaks, Paddle Boards. Pedal Boats, Aqua Bikes, Billiards, Ping–pong, Air Hockey, and  Beach Volleyball. All outlets are open from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm everyday.

We parked ourselves at KANANAN, a kalagan word for “a place to eat”located at the beach that spills out into the sea with panoramic views to Davao Gulf, Davao City and the famous Mount Apo.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here as well as snacks and refreshments with live entertainment during lunch and dinner courtesy of the in-house string band. Its menu includes a wide array of Filipino cuisine and International favorites.


Impressively clean. \m/ I also noticed that the sand is packed solid to the ground in a way that even if your feet are wet coming up from the beach, the particles don’t stick to your legs. Hindi makalat. Great job, Paradise Island Park & Resort! \m/


Harana by the sea, what a romantic gesture that I truly enjoyed..



as you can see. Having a landian moment caught on cam hehe! :P



When on an island, do as the natives do, go coco-nuts! ;) Refreshing Buko 60 php.



Can you tell the mudras were having fun? Too much fun, I think. Haha! :P Those are VIRGIN coconuts, and they are so ready to party! :)



My Lovey ordered a tall glass of Mais con Hielo 100 php to cool her off. She’s all pink & sun-kissed from her activities the days before.



Meanwhile, I put on a brave front & decided to try all things Durian inspired! ;) Say hello to my Durian Roll 175 php & Durian Coffee 120 php.



The Durian flavor in the jam was strong enough, but not too powerful to scare me off.



Durian Wonton 175 php, same as the Durian Roll. I thought it would be on the savoury side so I made a similar order of the same thing. :P



Durian Fried Rice 175 php. It’s yang chow with a Durian jam topping. Add a little to your rice if you’re feeling adventurous & mix it up for a sweet and salty combination. It certainly adds flavor to the fried rice.

On to the regular fare. We took advantage of the abundance of seafood on the island & ordered all things from the sea..


Green Mango Salad 200 php.



Kinilaw 250 php.



Calamares ala Romana 220 php.



Crispy Fried Danggit 200 php.



Crispy Fired Tiyan (bangus belly) 250 php.



Baked Mixed Seafood



Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce 240 php.



When you do visit, don’t forget to order the resort’s specialty, which is the Paella. Using secret recipe of the owner.



We can never have enough of Davao suha. We had it for dessert, dessert, and even more dessert day in & day out. It’s pure LOVE!



Missing the 2 older kids. Sigh. They would have enjoyed the beach, they are the true water babies after all.



The rates are very competitive considering we were at a resort in the middle of nowhere. They could have jacked up the price & still people would have flocked.

We were very fortunate to have met one of the owners, Mr. JULIE RODRIGUEZ, as he was making his rounds. So naturally warm & friendly. Now we know the secret of the island, its charming hosts who treat each guest like family! <3 Paradise Island Park & Resort is just like home away from home.. except with a pristine beach front hahaha! ;)


Thank you Julie for such a warm welcome. We had the most pleasant, short but sweet stay. :)



Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. We took plenty of happy memories, and certainly left a lot of footprints. Thank you Davao!



This says it all. :)



My baby had fun in the sun & sand. It’s all that matters. <3



How can you leave a place as beautiful as this? Well you leave a piece of your heart, that’s how.


Last of my GOdavao2016 series up next. Thank you for always sharing in our memories. :-*


Home is where the heart is. And wherever Kap & the kids are, that is my true home. <3

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