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#GOdavao2016 (Day 3)

Spent the better part of our morning at Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort (see previous post). Got back to the hotel with an hour to spare before heading off to the airport. I reeeeally wanted to look at some pearl strands mala-Gretchen Barretto. I heard south sea pearls were cheaper in Davao. So with feet shuffling faster than a speeding bullet, my Lovey & I went across to Aldevinco Shopping Center hoping to find a gem when Kap went off to buy last minute tuna belly & more suha pasalubong to take back home. Ito na ang pagkakataon! ;P

Armed with a wad of cash unbeknownst to my husband, I was SO ready to adorn my neck with a strand of south sea pearls to serve as a memento of our stay in Davao. Alas, nag-novena yata ang asawa ko. Umuwi ako ng bigo at luhaan. Walang perlas ng silanganan huhuhu.

Aldevinco Shopping Center

Claro M. Recto AveDavao City, Mindanao, Philippines


Right across our hotel was the Aldevinco Shopping Center. Every native I asked regarding pearls pointed me to that direction so Kap kept a close watch over me for the 3 days we were there. Walang kawala. Nagsisi siguro sya why he booked us so near to temptation island hahaha! ;))



The pearls weren’t up to par with what I was hoping to buy I’m afraid. And the price was like Jewelmer’s price, so never mind nalang. Huhuhu.

Kuilan’s Foodhaus

Dacudao Ave near Opal St., Buhangin, Davao City 221-8511
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Since our flight was at 6pm, our driver so thoughtfully took us to this yummy siopao place to buy boxes of meryenda to eat on the way. The empanadas & siopao are really good. We should have bought more to take back home! Do make sure you buy some too from Kuilan’s if you ever visit Davao.

Servers were down when we finally checked in, so there was a looooong wait with impatient travellers longing to get home. We had a 1-hour delay & the 3 hectic days finally caught up. It really is not advisable to go on trips with little kids or senior citizens, especially when you fill your days with so many activities that even breathing is a luxury. Meltdowns are sure to happen. Kap, huling hirit mo na ito ha! Ayaw ko na talaga. Ang aga ng penitensya!



I’d happily go back to Davao, or any other province for that matter, in a heartbeat. But definitely, and ONLY, on a more leisurely pace so we can fully enjoy the trip.

Thank you Davao for the memories, it’s definitely one of my most unforgettable trips. And thank you dear readers for sharing in our experience. :)


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