Go, Growling Tigers, Go!

So, ate got into 3 out of her 4 chosen schools. All quota courses, mind you. Meaning she was among the top 15% ONLY of the passing entrance examiners (please let me bask in my happiness & pride a couple of days longer haha!)

Now, the dilemma sets in. Where to go??? @_@

Her top choice was really UP Manila for the 7 year intar-med (only 40 people from all over the philippines can get in. I know I know, sorta ambitious, hehe!). But since it wasn’t in the cards for her, she is now stuck in limbo as to where she will go for college.

Her dad & I want her to go to UST because they really do have the BEST medical courses. Ate, however, wants to go to DLSU because she feels that UST has too many restrictions (uniform, block section, and she THINKS she can party more in DLSU!).

Her dad tried his best to sway her decision. Hours of non-stop explanation (in english ha! that’s no small feat, hehe!) while ate cried her eyes out (I don’t know why! She’s been crying for 2 days straight whenever we would hint of our university preference! @_@)

So we came to an agreement. We would go to BOTH universities again so she can see how the people “thrive” in both places. So off we went..

After comparing the 2..

The science building where she will be going.
she finally softened up & agreed to go to UST. Thank you Lord!!!

But I really think what cinched the deal was her finding out that for the course she wants in DLSU -Human Biology (where she can become a doctor in 6 years), she has to take the 4 remaining years in DLSU cavite hakhakhak! She most certainly doesn’t want to be thrown in the boondocks! ;P

So Growling Tigers… watch out. Coz HERE WE COME!!! m/

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