Givenchy Pandora

I love you, Duty Free! <3

Ever since the Givenchy Pandora started getting noticed, my beautiful swan set her sights on it.  It’s one of those rare bags that makes you either love it or hate it. It has only ONE handle & the body, which is squarish in design falls in a certain angle from your shoulder which makes it look like it’s either falling or slipping. Not your ordinary bag, which is THE perfect bag for my fashionista. It’s not often that she falls head over heels in love with something, so I swore I’ll get it for her someday, somehow.

We went to ADORA but ate didn’t like the one color that they had available. And the size was a Large, so it would definitely eat her up coz she’s so teeny-tiny now. Add to the fact that the price is too high with the mark-up & all.

When we went to DFS (duty free shopping) a couple of weeks ago, we saw a Givenchy store. A medium Pandora leather bag costs $1.8k -less my 10%, so it’s still way cheaper than the price in Adora (90k php). Yay! Unfortunately, because of the popularity of the brand -and the bags, we were left with very little color & style choices. I badgered the sales ladies to please give me a call as soon as new stocks come in kasi laging pa-ubusan. Their stocks don’t last 2 days before they’re bought off the shelf by hungry covetous ladies like me. ;)

Last night, they finally contacted me. I only saw their text this morning & I replied right away, reserving the tri-colored ones which were rare. And went there at 9AM as soon as their store opened. What I do for love! <3
Yes. Gising na ako ng 5:50 AM to get ready in taking the 2 younger kids to school.
The poor saleslady, I texted her so early pala, I didn’t realize in my excitement! @_@
Ate texted me later in the day. Little did she know that I was already in DFS when she texted me.
Surprise spoiler! :P

However, when I went there this morning, I didn’t think the tri-colored pandoras I reserved would be appropriate for ate. They looked old-ish & drab. Mas bagay sa akin ang kulay at style kasi mashonda na ako! :P

A rare tri-colored Pandora medium in lambskin $1,800
The other rare tri-colored lambskin Pandora medium in Dk. Gray,/Light Gray/Black. $1,800

A distressed Pandora in burgundy caught my eye & I’m so happy that nobody got their grubby hands on it yet. I bought it right there & then without consulting ate if she’d like the color or not. Regalo yan noh, pagtiisan nya ang kulay! :P

Yes. I definitely thought distressed sheepskin was more her style. And the color was also more age appropriate for my dalaga. <3
Pandora Medium in sheepskin $1,400 
I excitedly gave her my gift as soon as she got home. Mas excited pa talaga ako coz I knew how happy it would make her! ;)) I’m so glad that she liked it. She’s been so tired & hungry all the time lately with school, the long commute, the gym, and all this dieting nonsense that I decided to reward her for all her hard work & sacrifices.
My happy gal. She carries it nicely, don’t cha think? ;)
That’s right bebe gurl. You don’t need a man. NOT YET!!! :P

I love you ate. I’d give you the moon if I can, you know that. I hope you enjoy your new bag. And please, if you love me back, stop with the dieting & late night classes at the gym already coz you’re already perfect the way you are! Tama naaaaa!!! Sobra na!!! Like Inday Barretto said.. Stop it naaaa!!! ;P PEACE!

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