Girls & Tie-Dyes!

I super love my son, but I’m plain crazy over my girls!!! <3 They are just sugar, spice & everything nice! And oh-so creative!!!

Yesterday, Ate thought of making a tie-dye shirt & invited her baby sister to join her. What mess, what messsss!!! But I try to encourage ate’s artistic flair.

Getting ready to make a HUGE mess!! @_@

Goodbye shirt! I’m guessing I have to buy new ones for P.E… again! :P
How do you even know how to make a tie-dye shirt, ate???
Great! my very own Smurf! ;)) 
Hands on the boobs.. REALLY ate??? @_@
This is your creative flair??? ;P
I hope this one is more.. err.. traditional??? ;P
Much more wholesome version hahaha! :)
I’m always amazed at Ate’s creations. Here’s an earring she made (after deconstructing the feathers from earrings she bought in HK *gasp*)

Tada: Her hipster indie ear cuffs hahaha!!! :P
Ate is soooo creative that I’m almost sorry she has to take up pre-med for college instead of anything art-related. Almost, I said.. not very, ate. Hahaha! So I would still be extremely happy & proud if you become a Doctor. I’m not letting you off the hook just yet! ;P

But whatever course you decide, whatever path the Lord chooses for you, I will support you all the way. Always pray in earnest so that God will lead you to the right way. Love you so much! :-*
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