Girls Day Out!

Today, my hunny & our baby son went to watch the NBA/Smart gilas game in araneta. So the girls & I decided to do something fun too! :)

As usual, we don’t have a driver, so we decided to “wing it” & drove to makati (the city of “one ways”)! Getting there was not a problem because we asked from directions from the toll guy haha! And ate sorta googled the direction. Daw! @_@

Yipee! We got to GB5!!! :)
That, however, was not our intended destination! It just seemed the easiest haha!
From here, we have to cross to landmark.. cross to glorietta.. AND cross to SM!
That is a loooooonnnggg walk!!!
So we decided to have brunch first before going to our REAL destination! @_@
My lovey had calamares & fries..
and Ate had.. drunken shrimp ???
I had shrimp pasta. Yum!!! <3
We 3 shared a salad..
and an apple cobbler that is to die for! PROMISE!!! <3
We <3 Bubba Gump’s!
We were obviously loading up for the long walk ahead, haha! :P
Okay.. so this is their REAL destination! Forever 21! @_@
I won’t get into how much we spent, or I’ll feel dizzy again! :P
All that shopping made my girls happy. AND HUNGRY!
What we intended as an ice cream break turned into more haha!
We ate at John & Yoko instead! @_@
I LOVE their chairs. I told the girls we will someday have these chairs for my dream teppan table! ;P
Awwwwww… my Lovey!!! <3
So happy with her new (again!!!!) phone case!
My pizza.. which wasn’t as crunchy as I hoped it would be :(
Buy I finished it anyway, hahaha! ;)
The girls had Gyudon…
Sooooooooooooo yummy!!! I should have had this instead of the pizza! @_@

Coming back home however, was the BIG problem because we couldn’t backtrack the way we came since none of us remembered the way. Just great, Ate! After you assured me that you got it covered! :P Where was my wingman when I needed him the most??? :( You 2 girls are just hopeless with directions hehe!

What should have taken us 45 minutes max to get home turned into 2 hours!! Because we had to go up & down makati, and back & forth makati, cubao & C5! OMG!!! We had to ask motorists which direction to go. I swear this is our last adventure girls!!! Unless you buy me a GPS! @_@

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