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Girls Day Out: Jing Monis Salon

My girls, unless they are very sure of a hairdresser, they would NEVER let anyone touch their hair. They would rather go without getting a haircut than trust people with their precious manes. I admit, I am partly to blame because when they were younger, I would always make them get the apple cut for easier maintenance. You know, somewhat like this..

*The succeeding 4 photos below do not belong to me



Kidding. I meant like this..




Of course if you have a great hair stylist it would come out looking like this..




But still, my girls hated this hairstyle with a passion, lels. And so, their fear of the hairdresser began! ;))

The Apple Cut hairstyle is a type of well defined short bob. The name of the apple cut comes from the overall shape it gives your head: that of an apple. When it’s super short, the apple cut is best suited for oval faces. If you have a round, heart-shaped or square face, the apple cut hairstyle can accentuate strong lines or features for a less flattering effect. For other face shapes, you can try a slightly longer version of this hairstyle.



How to Choose a Haircut That Flatters Your Facial Shape


1) Know your face shape.

Take a self portrait or have a friend take your picture if your camera isn’t conducive to taking self portraits. If you don’t have a camera, stand in front of the mirror and use an old lipstick or a marker to trace the shape of your face. You should trace around your chin, past your ears, and around your hairline.

2.) Decide which of the most common shapes your face matches. Examine the picture you took, or the outline you drew. What shape does it most closely resemble? Is it round, square, heart-shaped or oval? Everyone’s face is different, of course, and you may find that yours doesn’t closely match one of the most common shapes. Answer the following questions to help you figure out which one comes closest:

  • Is your face as wide as it is long? You’re probably a square or a circle.
  • Is your face longer than it is wide? You come closest to an oval.
  • Is your chin angular and squared off? Most people with square-shaped faces have angular chins.
  • Does your chin come to a pretty point? Your face may be heart-shaped, especially if you also have a widow’s peak.

3.) Ask your stylist for advice. Your stylist is very familiar with what cuts look best with what face shapes, so his her or him as a resource. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – just make sure you don’t get talked into a cut you don’t really want.

4.) Get the right haircut for your face. Check out picture of celebrities who share your face shape. Browse through the thousands of resources available online to look at different people’s face shapes and the cuts they chose. When it’s time to go to the salon, print out some pictures of your favorite cuts, so the stylist knows what you have in mind.

*The succeeding 4 photos below do not belong to me

Create angles to frame a round face. Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin have round face shapes.



Bring out the best in your softer, round features by contrasting them with some edge. Go for sleek lines and tapered ends, and avoid bulky hairstyles.

  • Consider a medium-length cut with layers that frame your face. Have the styles make your shortest layer fall below your ears. Your longest layer should fall a few inches below your chin.
  • Longer cuts look great with round faces because they tend to lengthen the features. Consider long wavy layers to contrast the roundness.
  • Asymmetrical styles can be a bold, beautiful move for people with round faces. Long, layered bangs create edgy angles that offset round features. An angled bob is another great choice.
  • Consider a pixie cut to bring out your apple cheeks and make your eyes look larger.


Play up the angles in a square face. Salma Hayek and Lucy Liu have square face shapes.



Square faces look beautiful with haircuts that call attention to the strong jaws and bold lines. Alternatively, harsh angles can be softened with cuts designed to bring focus to the eyes and mouth, rather than the face’s edges.

  • A tousled chin-length bob makes the perfect frame for a square jaw, highlighting its angular beauty.
  • Long curls and waves can offset severe angles.
  • Long, straight hair provides an interesting contrast to a square face.
  • Avoid extremely short cuts, which may draw too much attention to the lower portion of the face, making it look larger.


Balance an oval face with layers. Jada Pinkett and Megan Fox have oval face shapes.

Oval faces tend to look incredible with a wide range of haircuts. Layers, bangs, curls and waves can help offset longer faces. Keeping an average hair length, rather than a very long or very short one, can also make the face look less long.

  • Blunt, straight bangs are a pretty choice for oval faces. They bring out the eyes and contrast with a defined chin.
  • Long, soft waves are a classic look for people with oval faces.
  • Shoulder-length bobs bring attention to the jawline, bringing out the best in an oval-shaped face.
  • If you want to go short, try an angled cut with some longer pieces, rather than getting a pixie cut.


Accent a heart-shaped face with the right length. Reese Witherspoon and Christina Ricci have heart face shapes.



Medium and long-length hair is a good choice for heart-shaped faces; it provides balance to the face by filling in the area around the chin.

  • Accentuate cheekbones on a heart-shaped face with bangs or layers that end right at the cheeks.
  • Side-swept bangs bring out the eyes and downplay the forehead of a heart-shaped face.
  • A pixie cut with bangs can be a wonderful choice for a heart-shaped face, since it highlights the elegant chin and makes the eyes look larger.


5.) Don’t let your face shape get in the way of your desired cut. If you adore pixie cuts and simply have to try one even though your face is square, get a pixie cut. If you wear it with confidence and flair it will look good – and if it doesn’t, just wait until it grows out and try something else.



For my girls, regardless of their face shapes, they already know what they want. LONG. That’s it, plain & simple. Just trim the dead ends & keep it long, you won’t hear a screech. So I don’t know why they even bother to look for a hairstylist or an expensive Salon when they come out looking the same, anyway! :P

Upon the recommendation of their friends, the girls asked me if they could try JING MONIS SALON in Maxim’s Resorts World. Now I don’t know why they want to go that far when we have a Jing Monis Salon right outside our doorstep -er sort of (there’s one in The Bellevue Manila). Siguro trending lang siya. ;)) So off we went to the Jing Monis Salon where not it’s not even Jing Monis himself who will be cutting their hair but a senior stylist. Gaaaah!

The Jing Monis Salon Branches:
MAKATI: 893 4098, 840 4773, (+63917) 8306515
ALABANG:555-0963, 555-0970, (+63917) 5214480
MAXIMS: 511 1171, (+63917) 5119423



If Jing Monis will be the one to cut your hair, it costs 3k. For regular Hairstylists, Ariel (Senior) charges 900 ph, Raymond (Junior) 700 php , and Azer (Junior) 500 php. Make sure you call Mitch (receptionist) at 5111171 / 0917-5119423 open from 10AM-10PM & Sundays from 10AM-9PM. Make-up available by appointment only. At the moment, only the Bellevue Hotel & Makati branches have in-house Makeup artists.

PicMonkey Collage jana

PicMonkey Collage jena

I told you, they still look the same. Which is exactly the way they like it. Never mind that mommy threw away precious money for a new haircut that looks exactly like the old. :P

After the salon, we went our different ways. Lovey & I went on a lunch date at PASSION in Maxim’s hotel then watched BLENDED..


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750 php net for an unli dimsum/Cantonese buffet lunch. <3


Super sulit considering you will be dining in this plush interiors. \m/ Not to mention enjoying exceptionally great food!


We were seated beside Bistek’s table. I wanted to go & ask him why he hurt my precious Kristeta, except my Lovey wouldn’t allow me! :P So I traded a question for a photo which she took grudgingly for fear that I will make true my threat!


aphoto 2

Thank you baby girl for taking this stealth photo even though your heart was against it, hahaha! ;))

PicMonkey Collage food

Lunch with my quiet & gentle little lady who is ever so blooming! <3

aphoto 4

aphoto 5

I love the posh reclining seats at the RESORTS WORLD MANILA CINEMA. It was a bit hot lang though the time that we were there. Good thing I had my trusty fan with me. I hope they were able to fix the air-conditioning system. 250 php per person at Cinema 1 with reclining seats.

While Ate & her girls ate at Mr. KUROSAWA then watched HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2.

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photo 4

It’s been a while since these 3 girls got together. Now that all of them are in college with one in Taft & the other taking up Nursing that leaves them only 1 month of summer vacation, it’s been hard to make their schedules meet.


I hope you enjoyed this semi-food post. :) I know some of you are pretty sick & tired of all food info so I will try to mix in some ganap in between. As you know, school has started for the 2 younger ones & Ate will also be going back next month (huhuhu!) so I really don’t know how much ganap there will be. :P I’d probably be SO depressed by their absence that I won’t be able to get any writing done & just mope around the house. But I will really really do my best to keep you guys entertained. Because that’s how much I love you! <3


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