Girls & Chicken Rice

My Lavinia & I had a dinner date last tuesday. I like it how the girls fawn over me like I’m such a treasure haha. They like their one-on-one time with mommy, it makes my heart sing. <3

Had a coupon at fish & co.

But saw the hanging white chicken at the window of Wee Nam Kee & our mouth watered! ;))

Plump, juicy chicken! <3
Steamed Hainanese Chicken (1/2) 488 php
But of course our food trip didn’t end with just the chicken..

Beef Hofan 285 php
Sizzling Plate Tofu 35 php
My dinner date<3

Thank you my Lovey for being such a sweet & loving daughter. I always have fun when I’m with you! I know that you’ve been extra jealous of the attention I’m giving ate lately. But know that I love ALL three of you very very much & that you are ALL my favorites!  :-*

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