Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Just the other night, a friend laughingly called me “ambience girl” when I was mouthing off a place I’ve just recently visited (Yes. I’m very vocal about what I like & don’t like). I stopped to think for a moment & suddenly everything fell into place! :P The ambience of the restaurant really determines the mood I’ll be in when dining, and somewhat clouds my judgement hehe. My bad! :P I made a mental note to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Like in the case of last night’s foray into Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.


Proudly displaying their spot in Eat Out Now! :P

Ate just went on a mountain trek & was super hungry by the time we picked her up. My bad for taking her an hour’s worth away just to try something new. I wanted to treat her someplace special after a hard day..


Jela woke up extra early today to bring ate to school.
Coz that’s just how much she loves her ate! <3

All fieldtrip photos below belong to Nicole Mendiola.

Off to Liliw Laguna to climb the mountain just to look at this..
Sosi problems: “So, where is the pilapil???”
and visit this shoe factory.
and stop over here to buy URARO for pasalubong! @_@
And here as well.. to makiweewee! :P
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Laguna
Ate’s first time to ride the jeep! ;))
Looks like she had tons of fun.
Let’s see if you’ll still have fun day in & day out of this. Mwahaha! :))
She’s back!!! Finally getting reunited with my darling! <3
With her class. <3


Just imagine our 1.5 hour journey from the south to the north (that’s just one way, peeps). And all because I wanted to take the kids to try EAT OUT NOW‘s recommendation for one of the supposedly best italian restos!

The moment I saw the place, I knew I was in for a challenge. First of all, it was really really small. We couldn’t even find it. Our car had to go around twice and I finally had to call in to find out where in the world it was exactly. (It’s across Miriam College, 2nd floor above Mercury Drug btw).

Then, we had to wait for a very very long period before our orders arrived because the brick oven could only accommodate 1 pizza at a time. And the pasta was home made (actually a plus factor if it hadn’t been so hard to chew!) so patience really becomes a virtue. (I was rolling my eyes like one possessed as they were rolling the dough!)


These are the hands of the server who cleared our table, took our orders, and made our food with his BARE hands.
Their motto: One pizza at a Time. 
Bored kids. Good thing they have their gadgets with them at all times to keep them amused & entertained!


The servers were pleasant & attentive enough, but you will definitely feel that they have been on their feet long enough & are feeling the strain. Not to mention eager to close the restaurant & go home after a long day.

The food were all freshly made (by the servers -the same ones who get your order, not a “chef”), so I have to give them some pogi points for that. And the flavors bursting from the pasta & pizza were nothing to laugh at. The food were moderately priced (200-300 per serving. Their pasta is good for ONE. Do not believe then when they say that it is good for TWO! Lies -off with their heads! @_@)


Again, our server attended to pizza making with BARE hands after bussing other tables as well.
Check the picture above. I just closed my eyes & started thinking of happy thoughts.
Slowly but surely, our food finally arrived one at a time..
Lemonade in a Pitcher 250 php
Not too sweet, not too sour. Just right. \m/
Tomato Basil Pasta 190 php
The flavor was good. The plating was fine. The pasta was al dente. Hooray for that! <3
Bolognese 265 php
Again, the pasta was Al dente. It just lacked flavor I can’t figure why with all those beautiful colors.
Bacon Sausage Pasta. Really really good! <3
Margherita Pizza 310 php
If you’re really hungry. Order 1:1.
I don’t have any gripes about their pizza. Except for the time factor.
Get a bigger brick oven please, everything else will be perfect! ;)
Buffalo Pizza 395 php.
The kids didn’t like the tangy-sweetness of this baby. We will stick to plain tomato & cheese the next time around.
If I were to choose a lifesaver for this pizzeria, I’d say it would have to be their NUTELLA SOUP 350 php.
Yes. Nutella! ;)
The bread was wonderfully warm & soft. Add to that the hot chocolatey dip. Ummmmm! <3
Although, I think 350 php is highway robbery.
Maybe because they poured the contents of the entire nutella jar into the bread??? ;P

Just saying (again), they really have to do something about their oven if they want to serve their customers better (& quicker). Okay, maybe they should also get a slightly bigger & better place.. just totally relocate! That’s it -promise!

Oh, and happy birthday, Reo! <3

Reo is one of ate’s good friends in college.
He hails all the way from Bicol, so I have taken it upon myself to be his manila mommy! ;)
Surprised him with a cake from TOUS les JOURS, and some gifts.
After all, birthdays should be all about gifts & cakes, don’t you agree? ;))
With ate’s circle of friends. (3 missing, BOO!)
Hope we made your day, Reo! :-* We love you!!! <3
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