Gifts from the World!

Hehe.. I’ve been watching this vlog (yesss. VLOG, I didn’t misspell it) called It’s Judy’s Life. I got hooked on it from reading SAMANTHA SOTTO’s blog. Sam (nuks, first name basis!) is another one of my favorite bloggers. If you don’t know her YET (insert shocked face here), she is the famous filipino author of Before Ever After.

Judy has this portion called “Gifts from the World” which I find soooo cute & entertaining coz I’m spazz that way! :P

So anyhoo.. okay, ate’s gifts from her recent 18th birthday are not exactly gifts from the World.. just from the Philippines, imported from all over the world (mostly china @_@)! :P Yes, that sounds about right! ;)

I just wanted to share with you pictures of some of the gifts she received. I enjoyed watching her open her oh-so-many gifts that I figured you might enjoy seeing them too! :)

and After! :)
Lemme tell you, she is SO deliriously happy! <3

Here’s some of the in-betweens! :) Ate LOVED ALL her gifts, but I can’t post ALL as you might just block me from photo overload haha.. so I’m posting some that really caught my attention. But ALL her gifts are equally loved & appreciated! :)

From her bff Mendi. <3 
I cannot STRESS enough just how wonderful & useful this jewelry box is!! :)
Now ate doesn’t have to crowd mine with her stuff as she has one of her very own. Yay!
The bottom opens up to more space & foamed thingamajigs for her watches.
I think I’m the happiest with this particular gift hehe! :P 
She is sooooo happy to find a LOT of BENEFIT products among her gifts! m/
She is such a benefit fan! :P
Dilemma.. Make-up kit in Fair or Medium? Hmmmnnnn.. 
More benefit medium make-up kit from her childhood bff Isabella! <3
Benefit has the CUTEST packaging! <3
Don’t you think? :)
Yay!! Still more benefit products.
From her tita Judith! <3
Still more coming in -from Nathan A.!!! Benefit is L-H-A-V!! <3
Benefit Blush from Jassi. Heaven in a box for ate!! <3
Juicy Couture bracelet from Diana. Sooo sweet!
Ate registered for this! <3
Salvatore Ferragamo perfume from Kyla.
Great taste! <3
and even more perfumes!!
Bulgari Omnia Coral from her tito Al, Juicy Couture fragrance from her tita Marita! <3 
What a unique & very thoughtful gift.
If you don’t know it yet, ate is an artist.
So this is such a beautiful, thoughtful & unique gift!
Thank you Sam Q! <3
Hair Brush by Acca Kappa, what just about every girl needs! :)
Thank you Dandanbong! <3 
Ooooooohhh! GUCCI!!! <3 <3 <3 
and TORY BURCH!!! <3 <3 <3
Lust, drool, lust, drool! ;)) 
Yaosa! MONEY!!! $$$
But look how thoughtful my ate is! <3
She’s not swapang at all. She knows how to share with her siblings.
This really made me tear up. And feel oh-so-proud! <3 <3 <3
What mother wouldn’t be happy to see her kids loving one another & sharing???
I’m so BLESSED having these wonderful kids! 

We hurriedly ate breakfast & took the shuttle to the nearby Rustan’s for some retail therapy while dad & my babyson were taking some zzzzzzz’s after a hearty meal (or late night partying)! Perfect opportunity to shop without the boys breathing down our neck, telling us to hurry up, hehe! :P

Not contented with her benefit loot, we went straight to the benefit counter in Rustan’s to buy what was left in her gift registry! :P A girl can never have enough make-up. Geez! :P

Happy to assist! :)
Being tended to like a princess.. ;P
Making a choice..
Very HAPPY with her choices! <3
TADA!!! Wow, oh wow! (insert googly eyes here!)
She got the mascara & lipgloss for free for her purchases.
By the way, BENEFIT products are only available in Rustan’s MAKATI.
If you know a particular benefit product though, you can have it sent to a Rustan’s branch nearest you.
Then off to Tory Burch. 
She also had this in her gift registry. 5k (less 10% for cash payment)
Of course little sister gets a little something too!
I told you her ate is one generous gal! :)
My Lavinia is SUCH a BELIEBER! @_@

Not to worry. My ate also knows how to save for a rainy day. She asked me to put 3/4 of her birthday money into her bank. What a responsible adult my lovely girl is! My heart is just bursting with love & pride! <3

As soon as we got home, she played with her empty make-up kit. Yes, EMPTY. She doesn’t really use make-up. So this was a real treat for her.

I got her a lighted make-up case 2-3 Christmases ago I think?
But it remained empty until now. Yay! m/
And a pahabol gift from her college bff Ramy! Sooooo original haha!

As a remembrance of their Opa Gangnam dance video! ;))
Kewl, Ramy! m/

I hope you enjoyed looking over ate’s gifts as much as I did. :) Thank you so much to everyone who gave her such thoughtful, generous & wonderful gifts. But more than that, what she really values is your love & friendship. <3

What a great birthday it turned out to be! :)

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