Gifts from my Sweets…

Gifts… I <3 <3 <3 them! Giving, but most of all, RECEIVING! ;))

For valentine’s, because they know how much I looooovvveee sushi, my sweet sweet kids gave me a sushi-inspired earphone for my iPad with matching roll-up case..

My sweet kids who always amaze me..
Love this! :)

They get their weekly allowance from my Mom. They are such cheapskates when it comes to their needs, but they splurge their allowance on me, which makes their gifts more precious.

For my birthday, they got me an advance gift. We were in a mall last week when Ate suddenly found THE perfect gift for me. A juicy couture iPad leather case.. in PINK! My favorite color in the world! With ruffles & hearts.. Ooohhhhh be still my heart, what more can a girl want? They bought in on the spot for lil’ ol me. :)

For Christmas, my Honey gave me his 3-in-1 gift (christmas, valentine’s & birthday), an iPad. I love looking at my family’s pictures, so ever since the iPad came out, I’ve been lusting over it. And now, my iPad has been pimped. Yippee! ;))

Thank you so much guys. Beyond the material gifts, I am so wonderfully BLESSED to have you guys in my life. The family I have been praying for.. the family I have always wanted! :-*

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