Giant Burger at Fab!

Ever since I saw a picture of a giant burger, I couldn’t get it out of my mind! <3 The review on the burger itself wasn’t that good. But stubborn that I am, I had to experience it for myself & get a photo at the very least for keepsake. I mean it’s not everyday that one encounters a GIANT burger. :P

During the kids’ christmas vacay, I was able to drag them back to Holiday Inn Manila so we can order the burger of my dreams. We had dinner at the Inn a couple of months ago to celebrate ate’s 19th birthday at Flavors. It didn’t leave a lasting impression, really. But I had high hopes for this particular burger. :P The effort alone was worth the trek.

I called ahead to make sure they had the burger available at any time of the day. They assured me they had. We were after all, coming from the south & making this special trip to Edsa just for the giant burger.

You may call Holiday Inn Edsa at 02-6337111 for other inquiries.

Fab Restauramt is at the 4th floor.
Holiday Inn shares the same parking as Robinson’s Galleria right beside the Edsa Shrine.

It was eerily empty at 3 PM. :P

I found the price steep, really. Even more so as I wasn’t impressed with what we previously had at Flavors.

We “ooh’d” & ‘aahhh’d” though when this giant baby came out. Ho-hem-gee can you see the bacon sticking out of that big a$$ burger??? @_@

Here’s a closer look!
My arteries clogged the moment I took a deeper look at this FABulous burger! <3

It looks like a giant pillow, but I assure you it’s not.

Oh my gulay I didn’t know how we were going to finish this burger. It could feed a small army!

And for once. Food that is actually bigger than my face! :P

We got 2 side orders of fries at 150 php order. Coz what is burger without fries right? ;)

Beautiful. It’s the only word that came into mind as I was looking at this with tears streaming down my face & drool down my mouth. #exagge

My only gripe is that I wish they made the patty yummier & more appetizing to the eyes & to the taste. The review was right. The burger was pleasing to the eyes, but not to the taste buds. There’s something to be said about burgers that had beautiful innards begging you to take a bite. This looked & tasted BLEH.

We asked for the burger to be divided by 8. And it was still huge at 1/8 the size, as you can see. :)

I don’t regret spending 1k for this baby though. If only for the photo alone. The bread was soft & freshly baked. The bacon could have used more crisp. The patty really needs some serious twerking. Too bad coz they already worked hard to come up with this beauty, they might as well put some elbow grease into make it taste great as well.

I heard they also have giant burgers at Cafe Verde in U.P. Town Center. Maybe I’ll pop in for a visit soon & report back to you if it’s worth a trip. :)

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