Getting To Know WordPress!

Hi friends! :) Please allow me a few moments to plug something for my friend JENN TAN, otherwise known as THE MIGRATION QUEEN who has helped me transfer all my previous posts from my old home to where I am now. Without her, my blog is seriously IN THE DUMPS! :P
She will be coming to the South on MAY 10 (SATURDAY) to do a seminar on WORDPRESS. So for you internet noobs like me, or those who are simply itching to transfer from blogspot (or anywhere else) to wordpress but are totally clueless on how to go about it, oooorrrr if you want to start blogging using the wordpress platform, then this is the one chance for you to LEARN! ;))
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At first, I regretted my decision to transfer to wordpress because it required my brain to work overtime than what it’s used to, lels. But then, Jenn pointed this out to me. And slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of using WordPress. Hopefully, ONE DAY, I will get there! ;))

Getting to Know WordPress Goes South
VASupportpro presents: Getting to Know WordPress goes South!
brought to you by The Happy Wahm and The Techie Mom
We’ve given in to the Southern Charm!  Due to the numerous requests for us to bring the workshop closer, we will be in Alabang on May 10 to once again share the wonders of WordPress!  :)

Please visit http://vasupportpro.com/workshops/may-10/ to learn more!

As you can see, hindi parin magpantay ang mga photos ko dito. OBVIOUSLY, I need to sit in on this workshop huhuhu! :'((
Okay peeps, back to your regular programming. Thank you! :-*
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