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We are forever on the lookout for great deals. The reality is, we come from a middle-income family & we have 3 kids. So imagine multiplying everything by 5 (sometimes oftentimes 6 when my babyson eats for 2! :P). That’s no joke! :P High end meals & entertainment are ok for special occasions but most of the time, we have to take care that we don’t go overboard or you’ll be visiting us in the poor house. :P

When I read Sumi’s post on Unli Sushi & Sashimi, I knew Kap would be happy with my latest discovery. m/

For our recent 20th Wedding Anniversary (which is yes, different from our 28th anniversary of being two-gether), Kap & I -with our 3rd wheel, went to GENJI-M for a quick japanese lunch.

I must say, I was a bit hesistant to take Kap & Ate there after I read the reviews on their FACEBOOK PAGE where there are a couple of angry people ranting due to lack of supply vs. demand after a group of bloggers posted great reviews that drew in a sizable crowd. After my recent lunch fiasco, I really didn’t want to have to give another bad review. So I asked Sumi what she thought and I also called up the restaurant to gauge if they were still overbooking. After some assurance, I made a reservation, and kept my fingers crossed all the way to Makati Ave.





Genji M

Kalayaan Avenue cor. Makati Avenue

San Lorenzo, Makati (02) 804-2883


The first thing I watched out for upon getting there was an abundance of cars. I was prepared to ask Kap to make a U-turn & head for another restaurant if that was the case. Thankfully, it wasn’t. There were several available parking spaces which was a good sign (for us at least!).



I cautiously made my way inside to a very friendly & smiling receptionist. And the place, although full, looked manageable & everyone looked happy & content. We were then led to a private room.



There are 4 function rooms. 3 seated 4. 1 seated 8.




We were led to a small function room..




I must have looked too donya-ish with my red lipstick & 1000-watt smile hehe until I whipped out these..



Looks can be deceiving. Mukhang sosyal na may vouchers hahaha! ;)




Oh yes, wa ako care to use vouchers. Sumi has downloadable vouchers in her blog good only until May 31 so hurry & call for a reservation now! Anyway, these magic vouchers were good PER PERSON, not per table. I know right! WHAT A DEAL! ;)



So just imagine. 399 less 250 php! or 699 less 250 php! or 1499 less 250 php! PER PERSON!
399 php is for sushi & rolls only (the ones with rice)
699 php is for sushi, rolls, AND sashimi
1,499 pph is for sushi, rolls, sashimi, shabu shabu AND anything on the ala carte menu!



As we waited for our food to arrive, I went around to snoop a bit..



I saw Mr. Park, a Korean National, making Japanese Sushi & Sashimi. Now THAT put a smile on my face! ;))




When I went back, we had glorious freshly made food on our table! <3 I read a comment on their FB page that said Yakimix & the likes are better because for the same price, you can other types of food on top of the sushi & sashimi. Great point there. But with Genji-M (and I wasn’t paid in cash or in kind to say this. At lalo nang hindi ko crush si Mr. Park please lang), you can see that your food is freshly made & not sitting on a table for goodness knows how long. Of course, we have to be realistic -these, while good & fresh, aren’t the best or the freshest of sushi & sashimi out there. Not for the price that we pay. So a little consideration goes a long way. ;)




Sushi platter for 3
1st Row: Baked Tofu, Mackerel
2nd Row: John Dory, Crabstick, Spam,
3rd Row: Salmon, Tuna, Blue Marlin



For the sushi, we weren’t able to try the following on the checklist: Octopus, Squid, Halfbeak, Flying Fish Roe, and Little Cuttlefish.

We were able to order the shrimp sushi but the chopsticks of my companions were too quick for my camera! :P


So you have an idea of how much an order of Sushi costs if you were to get it ala carte.



Roll: French Fried, Tuna, Salmon, Bulgogi
For the Rolls, we also weren’t able to get other assortments as my companions flat out gave up on me! @_@




Sashimi for 3: Mackerel (there are bits of teeny tiny fish bones embedded on the meat so be careful), Tuna, Salmon, Blue Marlin.
We weren’t able to order the following: Tuna Belly, Lapu-Lapu, Octopus & Squid.
Why? We forgot to ask for the sashimi checklist huhuhu! @_@ Sayang.
Make sure you get those too if you do visit Genji-M.




After that, you are given a checklist where you can tick off your orders. One check is equivalent to 2 pcs. unless you indicate otherwise.




The 3rd wheel does the ordering. :)

Bulgogi Sushi



Samgyupsal (Pork) Sushi



Tuna Tataki Sushi (Front) & Fatty Salmon (Scorched Salmon)

Egg Sushi




Kimchi Temaki, Salmon Temaki, and California Temaki.
We didn’t get to order the Tuna Temaki to complete the 4 varieties of Big Maki or Temaki.




With our very welcome 3rd wheel who had half day classes for the week. Naka ID pa talaga! :)



Patbingsoo (Koren Halo-Halo) made of red beans 100 php



My busog lusog date! <3
Who didn’t want to order a lot for fear of this…




Anyway, thank you Honey for my Anniversary date. I know you were rushing your job order to be on time to pick me up & I appreciate it. Thank you too for my 28 pcs. Roses for our 28 years two-gether, and my favorite fruit of all.. STRAWBERRIES!!! <3 You have made me very happy indeed! :-*


Swag echoserang frog is very very happy! <3


Ang laki ng bouquet ko! Ang haba ng hair ko!
Look at that big smile honey. You put it there! :-*


Which is why you deserve a big sloppy kiss filled with LOVE.. on the cheek lang muna.. kasi Rated GP my blog eh.




Happy Wedded Bliss Honey! I love you! <3

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