Garden Club Bazaar

I am soooo loving this weekend’s bazaar!!! m/ It’s not the usual small booths. This weekend, they are featuring big-ticket stores at discount prices!!! This weekend bazaar is sponsored & presented by the lovely ladies of the Ayala Alabang Garden Club.

They have Toys R Us, True Value, Topshop/Topman/Dorothy Perkins (gave ate the chills!), and Saizen (gave my Lovey goosebumps!).

Seeing this gave ate the chills, hahaha! ;))

While this one gave my Lovey the goosebumps! ;P

But what REALLY made our day was the Hainanese chicken from Joni’s! <3

180.00/bowl. But so worth it.

Happy smiles! :)
Joni’s Hainanese Chicken. Simply the Best! m/

With the flailing economy, a lot of people are penny-pinching nowadays. So I guess these big stores, who I’m sure are also feeling the heat & are probably racking their brains figuring out ways on how to get customers, believe in the old adage.. If you can’t take them to the store. Take the store to them! ;) Happy shopping, everyone!

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