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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but my family is involved in the field of education. My late father, together with my mom, founded their business in 1975 & it has been our main source of income for the past 40 years. IKR, 40 years? We are celebrating our ruby anniversary this October!


My family runs & operates a school from Nursery, Grade School, High School, and all the way to Collegiate courses. Therefore studying & graduating has always been a primary issue with my kin. Both Kap & I have master’s degrees & my brother has a double degree. So yes, you can definitely say that education is a priority in our family. And our 3rd generation youth knows it too well. Walang pwedeng bumulakbol.

One day, they will run the world.. ok maybe just the businesses. :P Or not. Maybe they’ll find jobs on their own or open their own businesses. Either way, finishing College has been ingrained in their hearts & minds. No ifs or buts, lahat kailangang magtapos. Lahat kailangan magtrabaho.

Luckily for our kids, a standard has been inculcated so even at a young age, they more or less knew the field they were getting into. Their future has already been planned & mapped out. 3 are currently pursuing medicine, 1 is on his way to becoming a pilot, and 3 more will be taking up business courses.


But not all are as privileged with having the same guidance. Determining the course to take is crucial in the building of a solid future. Being in the business of education, I have seen countless of times how students have shifted courses over the years, thus adding even more time to their stay in school when they should actually be graduating, working, and climbing the ladder towards success. Simply because they haven’t been well advised of the right course to take in college. Or they haven’t really examined what jobs out there matches their skills, personality, and goals.

Many times they have been pushed by their parents, or pressured by their friends, to take a course that is contrary to what is in their hearts. And so, they lose track & get derailed. Or shift gears into their adulthood & find themselves starting over again.

How often have I heard of former students who graduated but can’t find any job -or refuses to be part of a specific workforce simply because it’s not what they see themselves doing long term. It always helps to like your job -makes getting up each morning easier don’t you agree?

Lucky for our kids, there’s a new online tool that aims to prevent trial-and-error in their career decision-making. Say hello to ! FutureYou.Ph is a project of the Philippine Business for Education in partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Philippines.


What occupation should you take? What profession should you gear towards? It’s never too early to plan your career. is a free online career exploration tool that provides you with basic information on available jobs now and in the next few years so that you can start the career planning process. starts by asking what do YOU want to become? Followed by how do YOU get there?

Using is really simple. You can easily plan your future in 3 steps.

Step 1: Look for a job that interests you. You can do this either by first learning about an industry that your interested in or going straight to the list of hot jobs. Once you’ve found a job that you like, just click it to get more information.

Step 2: Learn about the job you like. Read up on the average starting salary, day-to-day responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and common degree or training program that leads to the job.

Step 3: If you’re still interested in the job, the next step is to click the “See Schools” button. This will lead you the Explore Schools page so that you can easily find a college or university that offers the degree or training program you need. Just edit the filters on the left side to find schools based on: field of study, location, school type, tuition fee per unit, and student population. You’ll automatically be given a shortlist of schools that match your criteria. When you’re ready, just click a school to learn more about it including: contact information, location, degree programs offered, and its performance in the licensure exam for the past 5 years.

To know more about CLICK HERE and get your career mapped out! –>

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your life in order now.


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