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Si Tatang at si Super Kap

Super Kap to the rescue once again. I am forever his damsel in distress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fireball & a spitfire, but more often than not -and due to external forces, Kap always has to wear his cape to save me. He is my forever hero. <3


Got this photo from Pinterest.

I have been overwhelmed with the series of unfortunate events. Coming out from my 20 years of retirement, I am overwhelmed with the responsibilities that greeted me when I unwillingly accepted my old post in the family biz. Mudra is getting old & I have to step up to the game. Gone were my carefree days. Now I have to face the reality. And in my journey, I am so glad that Kap is there to take my hand as I slowly transition from being an angel to the designated evil witch in HR.

I’m a naturally jolly person so being tasked to do the dirty work is just too daunting & depressing. Hindi kaya ng powers ko mating kontrabida!


Scene 1, Take 1. Si Tatang! @_@

Tatang is not a regular employee. Para lang syang kabuteng sumulpot isang araw & we weren’t able to get rid of him since coz my Mom felt sorry for him. So he became a jack of all trade (master of none). Taga-sunog ng basura, jardinero paminsan-minsan. But mostly he takes care of his accumulating roosters in our vacant lot & cooks for the 101 people my mom has similarly adopted into her fold.

One day may summon nalang bigla from DOLE. All of a sudden Tatang wants to put up a business & he needs money for capital. Thus his demand to get his separation pay. Sinuswerte naman masyado si Tatang!

So in behalf of my mom who is turning 85 this September, I went to represent. Kap came along for moral support. But he did more than that. Conjugal talaga kami in every sense of the word. My problem is his problem..

PicMonkey Collage



Daming miron na dala si Tatang. :P



Dole: Tatang ano po ang trabaho ninyo?

Tatang: All around ho. Pati pagluluto nga ako ang gumagawa.

Kap: Tatang, sandali lang. Para kanino muna yung niluluto nyo? Hindi ba para sa inyo rin? Binibigyan kayo ni Doktora ng bigas at ulam para may makain kayo?

Round 1: Kap-1/Tatang-0

Dole: Tatang kayo ho ba ay nagba-bundy clock? Nagta-time in/time out ho ba kayo?

Tatang: Hindi ho. Wala akong oras. Pero buong araw ang trabaho ko.

Kap: Tatang, hiyang-hiya naman ho kami sayo. Buong araw bising-bisi kayo sa mga manok pang-sabong nyo. Yung bakanteng lote namin sa likod ginawa nyo na nang condo ng mga manok nyo.

Round 2: Kap-1/Tatang-0

Dole: Tatang kayo ho ba ay may pay slip.

Tatang: Ala ho tumatangap lang ako ala-wans tuwing kinsenas kay Doktora.

Kap: Tatang ang sarap nga ng buhay nyo. Wala naman kayong ginagawa, may food allowance na, may pera pang tinatanggap. Daig nyo pa kami ni ma’am Jane.

Round 3: Kap-1/Tatang-0


Long story short, after giving the necessary affidavits & 3 long hours of getting Tatang to understand that 1.) he was never an actual employee of the business, and that 2.) he will not be an instant millionaire c/o my mom -not while Kap & I are alive anyway, the case was dismissed. But of course Kap being my kind-hearted & decent Kap, he gave Tatang some money for pamasahe & pang-tawid gutom while he gets his bearings straight. We may not have a lot but Kap never fails to share his blessing. He is really a Super Kap. <3

To be honest, I don’t know why it was even entertained when Tatang didn’t have any documents & supporting facts to support his claim. It was such waste of time & resources not just for us but for the government as well.

And because Kap gave Tatang everything that was in his wallet, heto ang late lunch namin at half past 3! :P


Buti nalang I love Big Mac & Fries. Hay Tatang panira ka ng lunch ha! :P

At hindi pa diyan nagtatapos ang kabanata sa DOLE. There are 2 more pending cases (that I know of -there could be more huhu) in the weeks to come which I have to attend in behalf of. FML. I am so thankful to AND for Kap. I don’t need men in general, I just need one. Kap in particular. He is my rock. For better or for worse.

Just a sample of what my day is like boohoo. Welcome to my world. :'( TGIF!

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