Kap & Me


Usually when referring to the Spouse, you call them “my better half”. In my case, Kap really IS the better half of our relationship hands down.


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I always kid that he is the sugar while I am the spice. 20% joke lang yan. Because contrary to what people see on the outside, Kap is the angel, and I am the she-devil in our relationship. :P Sobrang bait & considerate talaga si Kap. Even in traffic, he will let everyone go ahead. I’m the hot-headed one na magsisik-sik talaga & honk when slighted by the crazy drivers out there. Si Kap, cool as a cucumber. Never si Kap aatakihin sa puso coz he’s so chill.

I always say, if it weren’t for Kap my Kap, buti kung pansinin ako ni Lord. Sabit lang ako sa blessings ng jowa ko. Our family is blessed because of the Head. The one steady & constant figure, he always puts God first & teaches us to consult God before making any decisions. While Kap is the Stop & Wait Wait Wait. Ako yung.. Go Go Go! Which is why lagi nagkaka-leche-leche ang buhay namin.

One example: early in out marriage, my mom gifted us with a 1,000 square meter lot along Madrigal Avenue in our village. It only cost around 5k/square meter that time. Because I am always fast-forward, I wanted to sell so we can buy a smaller lot with a house na. Kap held me off as long as he can but when I turned exorcist, wala na syang magawa. Benta ang drama.

Fast forward to now. The lots here are selling 60-80k/square meter. Donya na sana ako if I listened to him. Laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

And now, we are almost at another important crossroad. Konting-konting push nalang. Nabulilyaso because God is disciplining me. Napaka-tigas na naman daw ng ulo ko. I am leading again instead of following. So now, hard as it may be, I am trying to let Kap be the one in control kasi may ulterior motive ako (peace, Lord). I want God’s blessings for our family. And I have to let Jesus take the wheel, and let Kap be His hand.


Pasahero lang ako. Back-seat driver pwede naman siguro, basta si Kap pa rin ang totoong driver. Saan ka pa, basta driver sweet lover diba. So payag na ako! :P

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