Franny Wanny

It all started when FrannyWanny, one of THE MOST popular FOOD bloggers posted on my blog a request for me to recommend food spots in the South. THAT got me deliriously happy, I tell you! Me?!? Give HER suggestions?!? PINCH ME NOW!!! :P Then it hit me.. Oh-em-gee -SHE READS ME??? How the frick did that happen?! #earlychristmasgift

So of course, I humbly emailed her my recommendations. I told her I felt bad that I couldn’t meet her & take her and Paul around myself.

She replied. WOW! Isn’t she just the nicest? #starstruck <3 She said she will be in the makati area the same time I was & we can meet up. She offered to meet me in Manila Peninsula Hotel. Unfortunately, when she got there, I was still being made up. So I asked her if it was okay for her to come up so she can meet the rest of my star struck family as well. And she did!!! <3

Fran is sooooo down-to-earth, I tell you.
She was soooo nice & warm & friendly.
I felt like I’ve known for for a long time already. <3
She also agreed to pose with the debutant..
and my Lovey! <3
Even after I kept her waiting as I finished my hair & make-up
(really sorry about that, Fran! And PAUL!!!)

She even gave us Allies GREASELESS wonder peanuts of which she & husband Paul are SOLE manila distributors. You might want to order some for your christmas gifts! :) Again, she’s soooooo nice! <3

Available in 800g can (270 php) & 450g jar (170 php)
at: www.facebook.com/justcraving for your orders, or call Paul at 0917-5388125.
Great HEALTHY option for your christmas gift list! m

In spite of the check-in & shower/cake eating froufrou, Frannie really brightened up my day & put me in a considerably good mood for ate’s party.

Frances Ang of Frannywanny & Jin Perez of Jinlovestoeat are two of my most favorite food bloggers. I actually become antsy when they don’t post several days in a row haha. Read them if you still don’t, and you’ll know why! ;) You’ll fall in love with them like I did. <3

Thank you so much Frannie for taking the time to see me!! <3 I’m taking you up on that double date!!! ;))

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