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Four Seasons HotPot City

From the same group that brought you Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU by Vikings comes a new hotpot buffet concept: Four Seasons Hotpot City! This new brand opens its first branch along the SM Mall of Asia bay area, overlooking the majestic Manila Bay.

Four Seasons MOA is a new concept of Vikings offering more on Fresh and Healthy food choices. Four Seasons Hotpot City offers Hot Pot (or steamboat, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table) where you can pick fresh items from the market buffet and cook it on your table. Think high end supermarket with over-stocked shelves & counters where you are given a big basket & you can fill it with all the meats & produce you can cook & eat for a fixed price! <3

Four Seasons Hotpot City

Bldg. E, SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, Philippines
(02) 831 7777, (02) 835 7777, +63 998 988 1888, + 63 917 539 1888

Monday – Sunday. Lunch: 11:00 – 2:30. Dinner buffet starts at 5:30 until 10:30.




Adult Weekday Lunch: 588
Adult Weekday Dinner: 788
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner = 788


Kids below 3 ft: FREE

Kids 3 ft – 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 188
Kids 3 ft – 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 288
Kids 3 ft – 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 288

Kids 4 ft – 4 ft 6″ Weekday Lunch: 288
Kids 4 ft – 4 ft 6″ Weekday Dinner: 388
Kids 4 ft – 4 ft 6″ Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 388

20% discount for Senior Citizen. Bring ID.

*Prices are subject to 5% service charge.


The kids ready for a long, fun-filled day of healthy eating! <3 They skipped breakfast to make room for the unli shabu-shabu! ;)



For our anniversary, FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT CITY & the lovely assistant Manager of the Vikings Group of Companies Raquel Bartolome treated the GOppets to a sneak peak at the hottest & newly-opened hotpot buffet in Manila! <3




Four Seasons Hotpot City features 7 main stations in its buffet line: Meat (from the ranch to your table), Seafood (from the sea to your table), Vegetables (from the farm to your table), Appetizers, Desserts, Japanese, and The Bar. It has of 5 kinds of broth from mild to spicy to suit every discriminating taste: Chicken, Pork, SINIGANG, Vegetable, and something really unique that only Four Season Hotpot City has to offer among all the other hotpot restos in Manila: SI-BUT (chinese soup made of 4 chinese herbs goji berries, chinese foxglove, angelica sinensis, & chinese lovage root).



We were delighted with these individual mini personalised pots available only when you dine at any of the FIVE connecting function rooms (Minimum of 10 pax). It brings back so much happy memories of pretend kitchen play. Except this time, we get to eat the REAL food that we cook on the countertop! ;) Regular tables have a yin-yang pot (dual-sided for putting two different flavors) for sharing between 2-4 people.



So many broths to choose from! And a selection of condiments to make wonderful dipping sauce concoctions for your meats!


Before you engage in the hotpot experience, why not have some sushi & sashimi as appetizers to get the ball rolling.



Decisions, decisions. Four Seasons Hotpot City makes sure it covers the distinct taste of every individual with its 101 choices from the kind of noodle down (I like the HK noodles best) to the ingredients you gather & mix in your soup.



Anything under the sea that you can think of, Four Seasons Hotpot City will provide. Peeled & shelled. Yours for the taking & cooking!



My seafood choices. Notice that expensive MANTIS FISH or Alupihang Dagat (on the upper right corner of the photo on the left) that tastes like lobster? Yep, part of the buffet.



All meats are pre-sliced. So you don’t have to wait around. Everything is prepared & ready for you.



Plenty of premium meat selection available: Wagyu beef and Kobe Beef, US sliced beef shoulder, US Prime beef, Lamb shoulder, Pork loin and many more! <3 Look at our meats plate! As long as you can finish everything on your pot, get as much as you want. The GOppets shared this meat platter so we can taste everything that Four Seasons Hotpot City can offer.



An entire wall of the freshest veggies. It’s like going to the supermarket then cooking your food straight out of the basket. Washed & sliced!



Mushrooms in different colors, shapes & sizes. Yum!



Organ Meats. You don’t see this in every Hotpot restos. Kap & I love OFFALS but since the kids don’t eat ’em, we don’t buy. So this was a happy treat!




In line with keeping all things healthy, Four Seasons Hotpot City has fresh fruits for dessert. But if you’re leaning towards the sinful stuff, they also have crepes, cakes, and ice cream to delight the sweet-toothed customers.




For dinner & weekends, Four Seasons Hotpot City offers wine assortments & Chang beer from Thailand on top of the week-long available juices & cocktails. All included in the buffet price.



If you’re not into hotspots & broths but were “coerced” into coming by your hotpot-loving family or friends, worry not. Four Seasons Hotpot City has an extensive hot dish selection too. With sushi, sashimi, and Ebi tempura to boot to fulfil your Japanese cravings! All the chefs are busy busy busy catering to everyone’s needs as fast & as meticulous as they can.



My happy plates. I went gaga over the assorted BALLS! Lamb ball, fish ball, squid ball, chicken ball, meat ball. Name it, they have it!



I chose the chicken broth as my base and I asked our server to make mine extra spicy. <3 They succeed in making me happy when fat tears fall as I slurp noisily away. You can have your soup from mild to spicy depending on your taste.



In line with always promoting faMEALy meals. I’ll say it again. The family that eats together stays together. Do make time to eat with your family at least once a day & talk about what’s happening in your lives. <3 My little happy family. The GOppets. <3



How blessed we are that we got to celebrate our 29th anniversary doing what we love best. EATING -ala buffet! ;)) Happy anniversary Honey, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for loving me so much that I have ballooned to four times my size from when we first met haha. It’s because of all the TLC & you have showered upon me through the years. I am worry-free & happy. Busog lusog ako sa pagmamahal mo! <3


Discounts & Promos:



BIG GROUP PROMO 1) For every increment of 10 full paying guests, 1 other full paying guests (not part of the 10) may eat for free! 2) Guest must, however, have at least a minimum of 20 full paying guests in their party in order to avail the promo. 3) This promo can’t be used in conjunction with other in house promotions or discounts. 4) Gift certificates to avail this promo is not honored. 5) For instance, 22 – 32 pax will get 2 pax free, 33 – 43 pax will get 3 pax free, 44 – 54 pax will get 4 pax free, and so on in this sequence. Please call our branches for more information on how many pax will eat for free in your party. Avail of the function room with a minimum of 10 guests! 5 available for your added convenience.



BIRTHDAY PROMO. A birthday celebrant may eat for free at Vikings for ONE WHOLE MONTH only when he/she meets the following conditions: 1) Birthday celebrant of all ages can avail the birthday promo on the day itself and on their birthday month. 2) Celebrants can eat for free on the day of their birthday on both lunch and dinner, as long as accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT. 3) Celebrants can eat for free for one month on both lunch and dinner per day, as long as it is within the month of his/her birthday and accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULT. 4) One full paying adult are adult guests who will be paying full rate without any discounts. 5) Requirements for Celebrants: Celebrant must bring an ORIGINAL and VALID government issued picture I.D. with the birthdate imprinted on it, both local and foreign I.D.s are accepted, for proof (such as S.S.S., N.B.I., Driver’s License, Pag-Ibig, P.R.C., Barangay, Unified, Police Clearance I.D. and Passport) In the case that the celebrant doesn’t have a government issued picture I.D., he/she may bring his/her birth certificate supported by any picture I.D. (school I.D., parent’s I.D., company I.D.). 6) This promo can’t be used in conjunction with our current promotions or discounts (including senior citizen discounts). 7) Gift certificates to avail this promo is not honored. 8) This promo is available in Four Seasons Hotpot City Mall of Asia and other Vikings Luxury Buffet branches.





GRADUATION PROMO 1) The graduating student of 2015 gets to eat for FREE at Vikings. 2) Each 2015 graduate should be accompanied by THREE (3) full paying adults. So, it is a 3 to 1 basis. 3) The graduate should present ANY of the following: diploma, graduation photo, or graduation program with the graduate’s name/ceremony invitation (all supported by school ID). 4) Only the Graduates of Class 2015 can enjoy this promo (Graduates of Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, and College: Bachelor, Master or Doctor’s Degree). 5) This promo is available during weekday lunch only. 6) This promo CANNOT be used in conjunction with other in-house promotion or discounts 7) Gift certificates to avail this promo is not honored. 8) This promo will run from March 1, 2015 to May 30, 2015. 9) This promo is available in Four Seasons Hotpot City.

I have to tell you. YOU NEED TO MAKE A RESERVATION if you want a table. Or go early & line up. Four Seasons Hotpot City is like all the other Vikings Luxury Buffet outlets. Always full. And you’ll have a pretty long wait for a table to open up because of all the fresh & yummy goodies enjoyed inside by the lingering customers.

You may place your reservation on Four Seasons Hotpot City’s Facebook page through private message. Just give the following details for your reservation & wait for them to confirm your booking. Or call straight at the numbers I listed above for your convenience.
Name | Date of reservation | Mobile Number | No of pax (Persons Amount X) | Time | Occasion

Thank you so much Four Seasons Hotpot City & my love, Raquel Bartolome for a wonderful hotpot anniversary lunch! <3 Four Seasons is now my favorite hotpot destination & we will go back as many times as possible. That’s for sure!

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