Fort Santiago with Carlos Celdran

I’ve always wanted to join a tour by Carlos Celdran, heard so many good things about him. So when my Lovey’s field trip to Fort Santiago was organized & scheduled by the parents, of course I had to be there too! ;)

Assembly!!! They’re all excited na! :)
Borrowed a bus from our Barangay
Just had to pay for gas & food allowance for the driver.
All aboard!!!
With the famous CC as our tour guide.
So worth every penny! m/
Let’s gooooooo!!! :)
Tracing Rizal’s footseps..
to his prison cell, where he walked on to martyrdom.
The gwardia cibil, mwahaha!!! :P
On to the Rizal Shrine (museum)
Noli Me Tangere manifesto

Eating chocnuts while listening to CC talk about american invasion..
thus the American Flag! :)
CC wearing a different hat.
He does this for every occupation/invasion that he talks about. :))
View of the Pasig River..
and dungeon.
I’m glad I wasn’t born at that time! @_@
Calesa ride going to San Agustin Church.
Of course we are not far behind, haha!!
Poor horse! ;))
We were all treated by CC to refreshing halo halo! :)
And he even had surprise gifts for everyone!!!
His trademark HATS!!! :)
From his very own store situated just across San Agustin church.
Souvenir shot with the kids in their bowler’s hats! :)
Syempre the moms hindi magpapahuli! ;))
Peechure peechure also.. or as CC says.. KODAKAN moments! :P
Time for a late lunch at the picnic area.
Group picture for posterity before we all go back to school.

We were all so tired & hot from the fieldtrip, but the CC experience was worth it because he made what could have been a dull & boring tour FUN & ANIMATED!

To book Carlos Celdran..

Walk This Way by Carlos Celdran

‘Til my Lovey’s next field trip in October. Myth of the Human Body (through plastination). Can the kids take this??? I wonder! @_@

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