Forever 21 Opening

Judith invited us to the opening of the Forever 21 store in North Edsa (The Block). She is the vice president for marketing of Mastercard worldwide, so she got us V.I.P. passes. Lucky us.. lucky girls! ;))

Attire: Color Block Fun

1. Choose An Approach

There are three techniques to styling a color-blocked outfit – select one:
Option A: Monochromatic = one color throughout entire outfit in different hues.
Option B: Separates = mix garments of contrasting (2-4) colors.
Option C: Stand-Alone = one color-blocked garment or accessory where the designer has already done all the work for you.
The grateful girls with their tita Judith Dayrit of Mastercard. <3

Forever 21 treated their guests to a fashion show & cocktails (which of course the mommies took advantage of, haha!). People behind the lines were screaming whenever a random person enters the V.I.P area. I wondered why because their faces didn’t seem familiar. Turns out they are Pinoy Big Brother house guests. Oh well… but like my hunny always says. They are still more popular than me hehe! ;P

Rodel, the very happy server! ;)
He was actually the only one with a bright smile.
Thank you, Rodel, for letting us sample EVERYTHING! :))

Brand ambassadors for Forever 21 (mostly young bloggers)
Tricia Gosingtian (leftmost), David Guison for 21 Men, Stacy Gutierrez for Forever 21 Plus,  Patricia Prieto for Heritage 1981 (not in photo), & Lissa Kahayon
All together now…

The store finally opened it’s doors at exactly 7 P.M. But only those lucky enough with this bracelet (part of the gift bags) were allowed entry..

Looking at this picture, you would think they were giving away free merchandise! ;P
As in nagkakagulo to buy!! @_@
Happy, beaming faces..
ready to use their shiny new forever 21 mastercards! @_@
Poor me!!!
Using her credit card. First kaskas! :P
Yes we’re so jeje! ;)) Pic op with the bouncers who were only too happy to oblige! ;P
Akala totoong mga V.I.P’s kami hahaha! ;))
Finished shopping past 10 sans dinner. The hungry gators decided to go to Ariake in Tomas Morato for some japanese goodness.

Uber lucky girls with the..
best mommies in the world! ;)
Crunchy tuna sashimi 195 php (x3)
Sushi bar deluxe 440 php
California roll 155 php
Gyoza 120 php (x3)
Philadelphia roll 215 php
Gyudon 250 php, Katsudon 170 php (x2), Teriyaki Don 190 php
Ebi Tempura 395 php (x3)
Tempura roll 180 php
Soft shell crab 350 php (x2)
Kani salad 140 php (x2)
Beef teppan 355 php
Special Bento 345 php
Happy smiles make the sorry state of our wallets worthwhile! <3

Judith promised the girls another invite to the opening of Forever 21 in SM-MOA sometime in July. OMG, gotta save up for that! :P

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