For the Love of

My baby son is CRAZY about basketball. Even before it was set for release, he’s been reminding me to get him the latest ps3 basketball game, the 2K12! As in really periodically reminding me to call data blitz and ask if the game is out yet.

So finally after getting a text message from them this morning that IT IS OUT albeit VERY LIMITED COPIES on a 1st-come-1st-served basis (I hounded them every other day so I’m sure they’re very happy to be rid of me, haha!), I hurriedly showered and braced myself for a long line ahead!

True enough, the moment I got there, the line was considerably long already –all guys, mind you. They were probably wondering what I was doing there in all my pink & yellow floral splendor hahaha! :P (I was dressed to kill because I had a meeting with my baby son’s ewan teacher. Wanted to intimidate her at first sight. Unahan lang yan, haha! ;))

So, going back to the long line… OMG!!! The first thing I noticed as I got up the escalator was a cloud of black smoke on the 3rd floor! Amici had a fire in their kitchen and black smoke was billowing all around us. But guess what, the line in data blitz didn’t even budge!!! Di nakipila na rin ako! I was thinking worst case scenario, I can still run down the escalator with the precious game in tow! Malapit lang naman! ;))

For the love of my baby son! No amount of smoke inhalation would make me back out and not buy him the game he so wanted, hehe! I hope you appreciate this, darling! :P

One word.. EMPHYSEMA!!! @_@

The sought after, most in demand game.. 2k12!
Bought 2. one for my babyson, one for his bff whose birthday is coming up.
2 happy not-so-little boys! <3
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