For Donna

Do you remember back in the old high school days? We would carry around what we used to call a Slumbook & have our friends write their personal info? (Describe Yourself, Describe LOVE, Who is your Crush..) I believe they call it Autograph Book now. :P

Donna a.k.a. cheekeegirl, one of my frequent readers and also a fellow mommy blogger based in Davao, tagged & requested me to “sign” her autograph book.. in photo details. Hindi naman masyadong mahirap itong hiniling mo Donna hehehe. ;) Sorry it took a while for me to finish this. I wanted to make it as nice as possible for you. <3

Donna tagged & asked me to “sign” her autograph book…
And after she went through the trouble of including me in her BLOG ROLL, who am I to refuse? ;)

So here it is, Donna. Thank you for always visiting my blog, for your support & regular comments which I look forward to reading & replying to. I just want you to know I appreciate you. A lot! ;)

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friend?
C. Cake or pie?
D. Day of choice?
Because I get to have the whole weekend with my Kap & the kids! <3
E. Essential Item?
F. Favorite color?
G. Gummy bears or worms?
I don’t like anything squiggly-wiggly! :P
H. Home town?
I. Favorite Indulgence?
Eating, obviously! ;)
J. January or July?
Because it’s closer to summer vacation. :)
K. Kids?
<3 <3 <3
L. Life isn’t complete without?
M. Marriage date?
N. Number of brothers/sisters?
One is enough.
O. Oranges or Apples.
P. Phobias?
Q. Quotes?
R. Reasons to smile?
S. Season of choice?
Spring. Because everything is FRESH & Brand New.
T. Tag 5 People.
But I know they’re very busy people so I’m not holding my breath! ;)
U. Unknown fact about me?
Let’s just say.. You don’t wanna make me angry! :P
V. Vegetable?
W. Worst habit?
Stress eating
X. X-ray or Ultrasound?
Ultrasound involves icky, gooey substance.
Y. Your favorite food?
Z. Zodiac sign?
Disclaimer: Some photos here do not belong to me. They were taken off the internet. Please let me know if credit is due you.
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