Food Galore!

To celebrate the new year, we had live video streaming in church today with pastor Peter Tanchi! <3 His topic was Pursue Intimacy with God. Plus, our church is going through it’s fasting & prayer phase. I failed on the first day hehe.. I’m so bad! :P

I’ll work on building up my self-disipline & try to do it on my own before my birthday, that’s a promise (which I hope to keep!). I’m still in a post-holiday lazy mode, sigh! And my shoulder injury isn’t helping me get on track. I’ve been using it as an excuse to put off resolutions haha.. so shameful, I know! :P

So far, these remain my comfort zone…

My hunny bought jumbo prawns again because he only got to eat 2 during our new year’s eve lunch haha.
He so wants more!!! ;)
I know, this tahong is so out of place haha.
I don’t know what got over my hunny that he came home bearing these & asked our cook to serve it! 

That was just lunch! @_@ For dinner, this is what we had…

S&R ribs. TWO PACKS!!!
and 2 boxes of pizza because we all liked different flavors!
This is garlic shrimp (hunny)/bbq chicken combo (me, ate)
and plain cheese for the younger kids.

AND!!! Yaya made me a new cheese & fruit platter to store in my ref since I’m in this cheese phase now, haha! :P

Now tell me, with my food fanatic family around me, how can I fast??? @_@ So help me God!

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