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Fly, Eagle. Fly.

Ever since they were little, Kap & I never imposed an academic, or any other type of pressure on the kids to excel or perform over & beyond what they can do. People, after all, are not defined by a piece of paper or a grade. We’re not strict parents -we want them to enjoy life at their own pace. We also believe in the principle of “Those Who Can. Do.” Pag kaya, kaya. Pag hindi, well, madami pang ibang bagay sa buhay na pwedeng gawin at pagka-abalahan.

While other mommies had their own personal reasons to limit the television, computer, phone usage on their children, I gave mine freedom for as long as they were on schedule & on top of things. While some moms kept the afternoons & weekends of their children occupied with kumon, piano, taekwondo, tennis, swimming, or any other extra-curricular activities. I let mine off scott-free to do with their time as they will, within limits. They can veg all day if that’s what they felt like doing, or if they wanted lessons, I would gladly have taken them too, to pursue their passion.

There is no right or wrong way in parenting, really. Wanna know a secret? We mommies & daddies learn by trial & error as we go along. So far, all 3 of mine turned out fine, so Kap & I must have done something right. :)

All moms have different ways of raising their children -it’s different strokes for different folks.  There are tiger moms, then there are pushover moms. I like to think that I’m somewhere in between. I am someone they listen to with authority, but I am also someone they can talk to without fear -about ANYTHING. And looking at how my kids are now, I’d definitely give Kap & myself a pat on the back.

But we can’t take all the credit. We really had it easy, God blessed us with such wonderful, obedient children that all we had to do was guide them, sit back, and watch them bloom into who & what they are now -achievers.


Ate asked me if I wanted to attend her recognition day last month. Of course! Did you even have to ask? :P In fact, the whole fambam wanted to tag along & show our support in full force..



Ate: You can do it, mommy. 2 more floors to go. Me: Da frick, we’re still on the ground floor??? ;))



I was giddy sitting at the Med auditorium. This is only my second time. The first was during Ate’s pageant.



Ate was there to accept 2 awards. One for last term, and another for the first sem of her senior year. I was perhaps the proudest mom in the whole room! <3



All her hard work has paid off. She always studies so diligently, I have to remind her each time to take a break & relax a bit. My poor darling, always striving to give her best. </3



Congratulations, sweetheart! You stand tall & proud in a crowd -confident with a commanding presence. You always had that air around you. By God’s grace, you will definitely go far.


Biology is a quota course. It’s extremely hard to get in. But she did, with flying colors. And now her brother is following in her footsteps. She is such a good example to her siblings that Kap & I don’t even have to do much in terms of parenting haha.



Congratulations to all the awardees. <3 You have done extremely well, and I’m sure all your parents are so proud & happy!



I know I am. Couldn’t resist giving my girl a big congratulatory hug. My heart was just bursting with so much joy.



A teary me with my precious. <3



Ate ranks 80 over a population of almost 500 students. not bad, not bad at all. ;)



With her favorite professor, Ms. Mae Diesmos. <3 Thank you so much Mae for inspiring my baby to be the best that she can be. And for being her mother in school. She always tells me such heart-warming stories about you. Thank you for being her guardian angel. :-*



Btw, Mae is also an outstanding awardee. It certainly takes one to like one. ;) Congratulations Mae for being one of the select few Faculty Achievers at University of Sto. Tomas’ Araw Parangal ng Agham 2016!



Bathroom situation. Love is patient & kind haha. ;) We are lucky girls to have such men in our lives. <3

I didn’t know a 5-hour awarding ceremony could be so taxing, lol. We were famished by the time the event finished. Ate wanted to have dinner at Hole in the Wall. Of course her wish was our command. <3

PicMonkey Collage

Any time with my 2 gals is a wonderful time. <3



My true blessings. <3



The GOppets have different tastes. We are one, but we are also diversified. Hole in the Wall is becoming a fast favorite because we can have a variety of food under one roof & sit together in one table even if we order from different restos.



Our table is always full! :)) We are such foodies. Rice meals from Posporo, Pancake from Mr. Delicious. And a healthy wrap from Garde Manger for you-know-who.



Ooops, may pahabol pa! Pizza from Serious Dough.



and of course dessert cookies from Scouts Honor. Yuum!



Can you tell? We love to eat! :P


A consistent Dean’s Lister, and garnering a 97% score on her National Medical Admission Test, Ate is so qualified to be accepted into any university of her choice. In fact, she has already been accepted to her first choice! \m/ But of course, just like with food, we have differences in opinion on her choice of med school. More so because this decision affects her entire future..


Ate passed her entrance exam & interview at Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health with flying colors. May I add that only 150 per batch is accepted into ASMPH. The med course takes 5 years with MBA integrated into the curriculum.


Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.48.03 AM

Kap & I were really hoping & rooting for UST though. Not that we have anything against Ateneo. It’s just that exposure wise, UST has been in the field of medicine for so long, topping all other schools when it comes to the number of board passers. Our future doctor already submitted her credentials. I don’t know what their criteria for acceptance is based on, seeing there was no entrance exam or even an interview. Just the submission of application forms with accompanying grades. Paper wise, Ate is so qualified. We just put our faith in God’s plan, He alone sees the bigger picture.

Dear Ate, God works in mysterious ways. What we want, vs. what HE wants, are 2 different things. You make us proud, not only for your many accomplishments, but also of your faith. And your principles. I look at you now anak, and I can’t help but tear up. You have become more than the daughter that I had hoped for. So much more. Thank you for always making us proud. SO PROUD.

Fly high my eagle. I love you, and I will always stand by your decisions. You alone know what is right for YOU. Thank you for obeying us the first time around. It’s your turn now. It’s 5 years of your life, no time to waste. Ateneo is LUCKY to have you on board because I know that you will go far. Your dream is my dream, baby. Thank you for making us such proud parents. Go. Fly. :-*


ONE BIG FIGHT! <3 In the end, remember that you are NOT defined by a piece of paper. It’s not where you went, but where you go on from there. So Ateneo or UST, it’s what you make of yourself after, it’s ultimately the journey you will take, that would make a difference. I love you Dr. Jana Go! :-*

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