Flavors at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

The word HOLIDAY INN brings back childhood memories when the hotel stood in splendor & glory along Roxas Blvd. way back when there were only a handful of decent 5-star hotels in town. Yes, I’m THAT old! As in era ko talaga. :P When I read somewhere about the new FLAVORS RESTAURANT, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, I really thought it was the exact same one and I got excited & anticipated visiting an old friend.

BUT. The old Holiday Inn that was on my mind was apparently NOT the same one that I made dinner reservations at, in celebrating ate’s 19th birthday 2 saturdays ago. Ganyan ba ang blogger? Not doing my homework! :P I wonder what happened to THAT Holiday Inn. Any insights please? :)

The hotel that we went to is the new Holiday Inn & Suites Makati & totally unrelated to the old one I know of. This is the first purpose-built Holiday Inn property in the Philippines. It opened on April 1, 2013 as part of the New Glorietta Phase 1 re-development. The hotel is built on top of a redeveloped Glorietta Mall in Ayala Center and is managed by the InterContinental Hotels Group, the longest operating international chain hotel in the Philippines.

Parking was a bit tricky, you have to make a U-turn on top of a left-turn & park in the basement of the Glorietta 1 building. AND. You have to tell the guard that you are going to Holiday Inn specifically since it has a different area inside to accommodate your parking needs, separate from the mall visitors’. The parking was full & we were asked to wait until a vacancy opened up. That would have taken forever. It was a good thing we asked if it was also the same parking area for the hotel, so we were let in coz apparently they have a separate, more private parking area inside for hotel visitors.

I think my camera knows it was your birthday ate. It auto-focused on you! :P

Aaaaaannndddd.. what is thissss??? @_@

The place was new & nice, but the food offering at 1.2k net/person was pretty basic.

Bread Station

Salad Station

My Lovey & I enjoyed the pita breads & hummus spread.

The Sushi Station was really very very simple. 2 kinds of sashimi (tuna & salmon) & 4 plain sushi assortments.

Parents with little ones in tow will appreciate the kiddie section which also has neon plates & matching plastic utensils to hold the fish fillet with tartar sauce, Mashed potatoes, and Mac & Cheese.

And because the choices were so few, I got to try the hot dishes, which I rarely get to do when there are more stations available.

Grilling Station. Carving available that night was just Crispy Pata. They have Roast Beef during sunday buffets at an additional cost.

Dessert Station

The family that prays together stays together. <3 I’ve taken to promoting family prayers & prayer circles! :) Best done when holding hands & said with sincere hearts. Ask and you shall receive. <3

Watered down spinach soup that tated like Egg Drop Soup (Bird’s Nest Soup).

My Pita breads with Hummus (R) & Baba Ganoush (L)! :)

I stole some Mac & Cheese from the kiddie section, lels! It was pretty much the most exciting thing on my plate. And the Crispy Pata -although Kap forbade me to eat the crunchy skin & took them away from my plate as soon as I laid it on the table! Should have sat far away from him.


I think the winner for the night was the Noodle Station where you get to make your own hot noodle soup with either a chicken or beef broth. And put as many veggie & assorted meat toppings as you want. I asked mine to be super spicy & I was so happy as tears flowed down my cheeks with every slurp! <3

See it even put a smile on my GOrgeous girl’s face! <3

What is hashtag annoying! :P

We zeroed in on the Soft Serve for dessert, which had 2 flavors: Strawberry & Chocolate (or mixed)

The buffet choices were really few & uneventful, but for 1.2k it’s actually not bad. They need to ante up on their hot plates though if these are all the stations they will be offering.

It’s not good when the kids are overly full. They go ape$hit crazy..

Tawa ng tawa! And this is why..

They stuffed my bag with fruits! Gusto nyo ba ako makulong??? @_@

I requested for a birthday cake when I called to make the necessary reservation. The place filled up quickly at around 7 PM so I strongly suggest you make one to be assured of a table. Thank you Flavors for ate’s chocolate cake!

I don’t know why she always cracks up whenever the waiters sing to her! :P

Happy happy bitrhday, my beautiful swan! <3

And the 3 little piglets kept hamming it up, all the way home..

They made an instagram video ala Lion King with my babyson lifting the pumpkin in lieu of a cub! Silly little geese! ;)) They always crack me up, there is never a dull moment when I am with them. <3

To see it, click on my Lovey’s Instagram page JENAGO..

And the craziness continues.. feeling models sila. Pagbigyan na please! ;)

I beg of you, get them na as models. Kahit walang bayad. Mga feelers talaga hahaha! :P

Pati sa elevator. Yes. They have NO shame! :)


Happy kids..

and one happy bag! @_@

Happy Birthday ate, it’s nice to see that you’ve MATURED. Even at 19, you’re still one crazy girl! Never change, I love you! <3
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