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FLAME Restaurant Discovery Primea

Having house guests, no matter the relation, can take a toll on you. It’s different when you’re used to living on your own & minding your own business with nary a care in the world. You can wake up at any time of the day, you can shout at the top of your lungs & not be mindful of having to be considerate of other people, you can even walk naked around the house (ok maybe that’s too much. Semi-naked is just about right, lol)

House guests mean you have other people to consider & think of apart from yourself & your immediate family members. Meal times become more elaborate, schedules are more structured, your house spic & span in order to impress guests. Simply put, you sorta need to bend over backwards in order to accommodate them, no matter how low key they may be. It’s just in our nature to be hospitable.

We had house guests for one solid month so the kids & I were on our tippy toes the whole time & on our best behaviour, no small feat for us rowdy GOppets, teehee.

When our visitors left, Kap & I took a breather & immediately went out on a date. We haven’t been able to have a “me & you” time for quite a while, what with the kids out of school & yep, guests!

We normally enjoy buffets, but quiet time is also necessary sometimes. Time to just reach across the table, hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes without having the need to talk, and most of all, not having to battle it out for food at the station with other hungry guests, especially this holi-daze. Thus..

FLAME Restaurant Discovery Primea

6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 +63 2 955 8888

Power Lunch Set Menu is available at Flame Restaurant Discovery Primea on weekdays from 11:30 to 2:30 in 2 course (880++) or 3 course (980++) meals. And with complimentary coffee or tea too, definitely Kap-approved! ;)

Discovery Primea is the latest addition to The Discovery Leisure Company and is located along Ayala Avenue. It’s a plush Makati serviced residence (great for extended stay!) that’s conveniently located within walking distance of the headquarters of top corporations and multinationals in the Central Business District of Makati.

I am always in awe of grand, majestic Christmas trees filled with shining, shimmering, splendids. This one is found at the lobby of Discovery Primea.

FLAME Restaurant is Discovery Primea’s modern European restaurant located on the 16th floor (one of 2, the other being Tapenade). The newest creation under the partnership of General Manager David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco, FLAME Restaurant takes its name from the team’s burning passion and desire to create new experiences through food.

I had a glass of sparkling wine, the French 75 (600 php), while Kap asked for a mango shake. Yep, I’m the alcoholic one between us two. ;P

Crushed on this super cute olive oil dispenser. Asked if I could buy a bottle, great for gifting right? Too bad it’s not available for sale. Flame Restaurant makes its own olive oil & mixes it with thyme, rosemary, lemon, garlic & pepper for an added taste. Went perfectly well with the crunchy ciabatta bread. <3

Flame Restaurant offers NEW set menus every month! For January, I tried the Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki (edamame, chulla wakame, bonito flakes in lemon-togarashi dressing. Sweet & spicy, definitely my favorite of the month!).

While Kap had the Chicken Consommé (chicken-vegetable dumpling with bok choy & lemon grass-ginger essence). As we were eating, the hotel’s Executive Chef, Luis Chikiamco who happened to be checking on something, walked up to us & introduced himself. Turns out, he is a fellow Alabanger & would often spot Kap my Kap in the tennis court. What a small world! :)

For our main course, and because we are both carnivores, we had the U.S. Beef Short Plate (on a bed of egg noodles, with crispy garlic, chilli & scallions)

And for our dessert, this beautiful & yummy Coconut Panna Cotta (pineapple granita, lemon grass mousse & gingerbread crumble). Kap normally doesn’t have a sweet tooth but I’m telling ya, he polished off the whole plate. That’s how good this dessert was!

Included in the Power Lunch Set Menu is coffee or tea.

On a budget especially with the jolly season (or like us, just after)? No worries, FLAME Restaurant‘s got you covered with its affordable power lunch, and dinner!

Who says dates have to be costly? Kap is an expert when it comes to you-know-what! ;)) For the month of December, this was the lunch menu.

And this is for the whole month of January. Chef changes the set menu every month so be on the lookout for great deals & new dishes!

Now Kap knows where to date me na hehe. He already cornered the chef into giving him extra portions next time kasi #kapitbahay, lol. So excited to try the February specials, my birth month (and Valentine’s too!)

See you at Flame Restaurant Discovery Primea! :-*

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