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Fireside Revisited

While the girls & I have visited Kettle and its new sister Fireside by Kettle a couple of times, Kap has never been. So when Richard asked if he wanted to join the rest of the gang for lunch, I gave a resounding yes for him.


Kap isn’t as much into comfort food than the other cuisines so I want to start uhmm, “training” him. Lels. Besides, I figured it will give me the opportunity to try the dishes the girls & I weren’t able to order the last time. And heck, who says no to Chef Chiloy’s famous & drool-worthy BUTTERMILK CHICKEN & them cornbread donuts???

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Fireside by Kettle focuses more on grilled foods from their wood chips displayed by the entrance, hence the name.

PicMonkey Collage12

Fireside by Kettle

SM Megamall. 3rd Level, SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.,  Mandaluyong +(63 2) 532-1807



We started off with this lovely Truffled Potato Chips 199 php. Thinly sliced potato drizzled with bleu cheese sauce and green onions. A perfect appetizer as we waited for the deluge of yummy goodness to come one after the other. Ahhh.. the sacrifice a food blogger must make. :P


PicMonkey Collage4

Hot Crab & Artichoke Dip 279 php. Crab meat and crab fat mixed with artichoke and thick melted cheese served with Nacho chips.


PicMonkey Collage1

I wasn’t able to try this intriguing Sweet Corn Cappuccino 129 php so I made sure to ask for a cup for Kap & I to share. Served in a red and yellow coffee cup with the rim coated with popcorn salt, this is one soup you mustn’t miss for it’s play on flavors.



Mascarpone Cheesecake 359 php. An interesting twist with the tomato jam at the bottom layer. Not your ordinary bread spread.



Salmon Gravlax Tartar 349 php. With pepper coulis & cilantro, served with baguette chips. One can get lost in a sea of appetizers at Fireside. Chef Chiloy has certainly unleashed his artistic side & imagination.



Asian Shrimp Salad 299 php. Light & refreshingly zesty. I can eat salad all day errday if only every serving was as good as this. <3



Fireside Steak salad 469 php which was a big hit with all because of the STEAK! ;)) The steak was gone in 60 seconds. Waaaaay before the salad, actually.



Apricot Chipotle Glazed Ribs 889 php. Lip-smackin’ goodness.



Double Cut Pork Chop 519 php, brined overnight in honey cider.



Now if you’re looking for the utmost comfort food. This baby is perfect for you. It hits just the right spot. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers 489 php. Giant chicken fingers spiced with a Cajun Ritz cracker breading for a blend of sweet and spicy. Additional cornbread donuts MUST BE ordered 89 php on the side of your side. ;))



Yep. 1 order is definitely not enough. Make sure you buy for take-home too! <3 I will cross the deepest ocean for this!



50/50 Meatloaf 389 php. Two thick slices of meatloaf that is made from 50% ground Angus beef and 50% BACON.



Grilled Australian Lamb Ribs 719 php. Smoky and tender on a bed of potatoes served with a mint sauce and mint gravy. No gamey aftertaste.



For the more health conscious, here’s a Grilled Halibut 399 php. Served with bacon vinaigrette & quinoa veggie salad



With one of our favorite chefs, the very charming & talented Chiloy Santos. <3

Now if you think Fireside by Kettle is only good for its savoury dishes. Let me correct you. Fireside by Kettle sweets are just as good.. With Chef Chiloy’s mom at the helm, how can it not?


Tita Vilma Santos (not the actress) makes the best desserts. Her Checkered Cake at Kettle has gotten lots of raves. And now with a little twist, some coconut thrown in here & there, she has come up with a coconuty-buttery version. Coconut & pink, she has my heart! <3 Coconut Checkered Cake 259 php. Hello Irene (another great dessert chef with her line of INDULGENCE CHEESECAKES!)! :-*



Sticky Banana Fig Pudding 129 php with Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.



Chocolate Honey Comb Mousse Cake 319 php.



Fireside Home Made Doughnuts 239 php. 4 donuts served with salted caramel, chocolate, and raspberry sauces. Fun addition sure to keep kids interested & entertained while the adults have the more serious desserts. \m/

Thank you so much Chef Chiloy for another noteworthy burp moment. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. No mountain is high enough, no river wide enough, to keep me from coming back to you, FIRESIDE! <3

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