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BBQ Dinner at Firefly Roof Deck Bar, City Garden Grand Hotel

Dinner time is a must-experience at the Firefly Roof Deck Bar where the panorama is a feast for the senses. Featuring delicious dishes of all-time favorite backyard barbecue selections such as bratwurst sausage, cod fish fillet, salmon fillet, lamb rack, rib eye, and more, outdoor dining at the Firefly Roof Deck Bar is a certified hit for couples, families, and group of friends.


The Firefly Roof Deck Bar on the 22nd floor of City Garden Grand Hotel. Amazing view at night with the city lights.

As an added treat, the chosen main course is inclusive of unlimited salad, breads, pasta, and a hot vegetable dish which all make this lush, summery dinner time buffet special. Now this alone warranted a trip up the 32nd floor instead of holing up in our cozy bedroom & ordering room service.

Firefly Roof Deck Bar

32nd Floor, City Garden Grand Hotel, 8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati (02) 888 8181

For as low as 495 php, you get a buffet with your main course: Bratwurst 495 | Hungarian Sausage 495 | Cod Fish Fillet 675 | Tiger Prawn 675 | Salmon Fillet 875 | Sirloin 875 | Tenderloin 925 | Lamb Rack 1,085 | Rib Eye 1,085

Pairs well with the hungry Goppets. A stellar view from the 32nd floor, and a buffet spread of side dishes with every order at the Firefly Roof Deck Bar of City Garden Grand Hotel. Available daily from 6-10 pm.


Aside from the BBQ fare, Firefly Roof Deck Bar also has other offerings so make sure to check their menu.



It was a cool & breezy July night so we welcomed the al fresco dining with a view of the makati skyline & the infinity pool on the other side.



The side dish buffet that night included 2 pasta dishes (white & red), foccacia bread, 2 kinds of rice (plain & jambalaya), poutine, soup, and a salad bar.



Cheesy poutine that kept us happy while we waited for our main dishes to be grilled.



I think this was my favorite among the side dishes, Vegetable Lasagna! <3 Cheesy covering with plenty of big-chunked veggies under.



Pasta in aglio oli.



My carbs plate.. awaiting the meat.




Cream of mushroom soup. It was a cold, breezy night so this was a warm welcome treat to the parentals who were chilling (literally & figuratively) haha.



Salad bar with 3 choices of dressings: Caesar, Thousand Island, and Ranch.



My colourful caesar salad plate. <3



Romantic dinner under the stars overlooking makati. With our chaperones! :P



Oh yes, the struggle is real. It’s really really hard to photograph food to share with you when the light is very dim. Kap has gotten the art of taking photos in the dark down pat haha.



Our grilled meats ready for the taking. Dig in fellas! :)



My Hungarian Sausage 495 php.  The Hungarian sausages may be boiled, fresh or dried and smoked, with different spices and flavours, “hot” or “mild”. The smoked sausages may contain bacon, ground pork, beef, boar or lamb, paprika, salt, garlic, black pepper, allspice, white pepper, caraway, nutmeg, zest, marjoram, cayenne pepper, sugar, white wine or cognac.



Kap’s Bratwurst 495 php. A bratwurst is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork or beef.



MIL’s Cod Fish Fillet 675 php.




My mom’s Salmon Fillet 875 php. A had a pinch & it was wonderfully smoky & tasty.



Ate’s Prawn 675 php.



My Lovey’s Sirloin 875 php, cooked medium well.



and finally, my babyson’s Rib Eye 1,085 php.



Our family dinner with the lolas. <3



The Firefly Roof Deck Bar is great for date nights when you want to have a glass of wine or two with your meal as you stare dreamily into each other’s eyes & talk about the future. Hay, I’m really a hopeless romantic, aren’t I? ;P





The most precious gift you can give your parents is your time & attention. I vow to make a conscious effort to spend more time & create quality moments with her while I still can. <3

For inquiries or reservations, call (632) 888-8181 and follow social media accounts @citygardengrand in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or log on to

Thank you so much City Garden Grand Hotel for our fab weekend! <3

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