My heart was palpitating as I hurriedly texted my dear friend Med last week, inviting her to join me for lunch with THE Tina Tagle.

I was so worried I might say the wrong thing, or come across as someone with attention deficit disorder because I’m over excitable. So I really begged Med to come along since I know if there was anyone on the same TT fan level as me, it would be her! ;) And I asked her to kick me when I become too “stalkerish” or hyperactive.. or just plain crazy.

She in turn, promised to put in her celphone the number of an ambulance in case I needed one, and also review her CPR skills. Lels! :) Ika nga ni Med.. It’s a girl thing! ;P

Med is the wife of Kap’s good college bud, who also happens to be my Lovey’s ninong.
And the rest, as they say, is history.
We may not see or talk to each other often, but we are friends for life! :)
I haven’t read a single post about Solaire in her blog, so I assumed Ms. T hasn’t been to the new resort & casino..
My fashionista bodyguards! ;)
Silly me! ;))
I was figuring out a way to pick flowers from this beautiful garden without being caught by the guards! :P

Someone please tell my Kap to give me this much flowers PRONTO!!!

V.I.P. entrance. That leads to the..
V.I.P. stairway for the high rollers.
Hanggang sa kainan lang po kami. ;P

FinestraSolaire Resort & Casino

G/F Solaire Resort & Casino, 1 Solaire BlvdManila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay(02) 888-8857
Finally reaching FINESTRA! m/
Ang haba ng nilakad namin ha.
What opulence. What richness.
Everything inside was W-O-W!
Yes, definitely fit for my beloved Queen. <3
So I made it a point that our first (of many a) date will be special & sosi.. just like my goddess. <3 Today, both Med & I were excited as we waited for Ms. T to arrive at FINESTRA.
My queen is as funny, as warm, and as down-to-earth as I had predicted her to be. Walang ka-arte-arte sa katawan. Our lunch was full of happy kwentos & chikas. We talked just about anything under the sun. I don’t think I’m ever getting enough of Ms. T. She is so witty & real, with so much wisdom to impart brought about by real experiences through the years.
Like the company, the food was a delight. <3
Complimentary bread basket.
Antipasti platter 1,098.21 php
Pizza Tartufo 750 php
Pasta Lasagna 482.14 php
Came with Ms. T’s lasagna.
With my goddess & queen. Note how tightly I am holding on to her.
Magdamag yan! I didn’t wanna let go talaga haha! ;P 
What a fun lunch it turned out to be. Full of delightful kwentos & chika! <3
Panna cotta 383.93
Which Ms. T & I shared. Coz we’re tight that way, hahaha! <3
I promise you we asked Med to share with us too but she’s watching her lovely figure. :P
Meanwhile, back at the kiddie table where my bodyguards were banished so I can have my “adult” time with my goddess, they were having their own thing..
My silly loves! <3
Complimentary bread basket.
Pasta Calamarata 482.14
Pizza del Giorno 500 php
(assorted cold cuts topping) 
Pasta Spaghetti Wagyu Meatballs 741.07
Risotto of the Day 535.71
Saffron risotto with lemon, scallop & prawn.

Beverage price: 187.50/soda in can

My kulit kids! <3
I was sad when we finally had to part ways. But my goddess promised to invite us back to her house soon & cook me Ossobuco, one of the more popular dishes she whips up at home for her family. That surely turned my frown upside down in a heartbeat! ;)
Ossobuco (pronounced [ˌɔsːoˈbuːko]) is a Milanese specialty of cross-cut veal or beef shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth.
There are two types of ossobuco: a modern version that has tomatoes and the original version which does not. The older version, ossobuco in bianco, is flavored with cinnamon, bay leaf and gremolata. The modern and more popular recipe includes tomatoes, carrots, celery and onions.
Source: Wikipedia
Thank you so much, Ms. T., for gracing us with your presence. And for making our lunch date so fun & memorable. I’m already looking forward to tasting your Ossobuco made with love!

PS- photo credits to my dear friend MED who patiently took a back seat for me & allowed me to monopolize Ms. T’s time & took all the beautiful photos of our lunch date while I was talking a mile a minute. Thank you so much, Med!! <3

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