Fely J’s

‘Tis the season for reunions, falalalala-lalalala! ;) Met up with my 2 college bffs at Fely J’s in greenbelt 5. Brought along my kids for them to meet. Nancy was able to drag her 2 teenage boys with her too, so we were in a big group, for once! ;)

Nancy just came from canada, and was craving for some filipino lovin’, so we tried Fely J’s. Good thing ate made a reservation the other day, it filled up quickly on a wednesday! I could understand why, the food was AWESOME!!! <3

Fely J’s is the sister company of Abe’s, among many other reputable upscale restaurants.
Ensalada ni Nanay (125 php)
Sizzling sisig x2 (185 php each)
Gising-gising (250 php). I think this was my favorite among all!!! <3
Tokwa’t baboy (135 php)
Crispy Pata x2 (595 php each)
Oxtail Caldereta x2 (600 php)
Fely J’s popular Dilis Rice (FJ Dilis-cious 215 php)
Sisig Fried Rice x2 (255 php each)
Sikreto ni Maria x2 (165 php each)
Lovely concoction of suman with vanilla ice cream & mangoes. Must try!!!
Meanwhile, the kids had ice cream at Gelatissimo! @_@
Thanks to tita Joy who gave them “allowance” hahaha! ;)
The adult table..
and the kiddie table! ;)
Too bad Nancy’s boys left na. Not complete tuloy our group picture! :((
Left with plenty of gifts in tow! ;)
This is from Joy, yummy belgian chocolate cake. <3
And Nancy’s gift to ate (which I’m stealing, BTW, hahaha! ;P),
among many others in our magic bayong!
This is why I’m stealing from ate haha..
Just look at how cute this hello kitty makeup kit is from Sephora!!! m/
Eye shadow on one side..
and blush on the other!!! <3
Oh ate, I’m so sorry but this one is definitely MINE, hahaha! ;P
And BEST OF ALL!!! I got my hunny’s package na yay!!! m/
Giant christmas stocking from S&R, 800 php.
Finally!!! I got my hunny a gift that he will TRULY LIKE!!! @_@

Nancy is leaving 1st week of January. I’m going to miss them oh so much! :'(( It’ll be another 6 month before we all meet up again! @_@ And I still have utang for Jacob. I’ll see if I can give it before you guys leave again. Love you & I miss you all already!!! :(( Merry Christmas, my BFF’s!!! :-*

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