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Felicia Pilar

Many of you, my dear readers, who actively reach out & introduce yourselves, actually become my real-life friends. One such reader is Ellen. She doesn’t comment much but is updated with my life, lol. She sends me text messages every so often & we exchange kumustahans now & then. We actually go way back, as far back as when she first messaged me in 2013 & we met briefly for a nice chit-chat when Babyson was still in high school! We got along famously because she’s also jolly & madaldal like me.

She recently gave birth to her 2nd child after more than a decade, and she asked if I could be one of the godparents. Naturally I was ecstatic. I love babies, plus I love Ellen. So what’s to prevent me from saying yes, right? I readily accepted the responsibility. I know that Ellen asked me to be Felicia’s ninang not for anything else, but for what she saw in me & my family. <3

A baby girl arrives and just like that, everything changes. The world gets bigger, hearts grow fuller, and life means more because she’s in it.

Welcome to the world Felicia Pilar! <3 What a big miracle in such a little girl! May you always bring joy to your loving parents, sweetheart.

Ellen knows me not just from the blog, but the real me -warts & all, and she still loves me. Like I previously mentioned, not everything is as it seems and sometimes, the persona from the blog is different from the real person. I’d like to think that I’m one & the same, and for Ellen to trust me this much to be a guide & a person of influence to her brand new daughter, it means I’m doing right by her. ;) I am truly flattered & honored to be asked to be Felicia Pilar’s godmother. <3

A couple of weeks ago, my forever escort dutily went with me even though he was sick to the bones with congested chest & stuffy nose (don’t worry he stayed away from the baby). The giblings had to study for exam week & it was a Sunday, meaning no driver to take me. Kap didn’t feel comfy with me going alone & taking an Uber, so my gallant knight in shining armor just overdosed himself with meds, lol, and valiantly went with me. :)

I’m really so lucky to have a caring & loving husband like Kap. He takes such good care of me. Ayan, may sakit na nga, naging driver na, kargador na, escort na, photographer ko pa hahaha! ;)) Dearest Felicia, A pink pony for you. Because not every princess needs a knight in shining armor. Until you’ve found the right man, never be afraid to ride off into the sunset on your own, and don’t be afraid to realize your dreams to the fullest. Be a princess who doesn’t need to look for a knight, but instead, one looks for a sword to fight & win her battles on her own. Be you. Do you. For you. Love, Ninang Jane & family :-*

This is our first time to set foot in St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church located in Fort Bonifacio (well obviously coz we’re not Catholic, but I meant for events like this baptism), we didn’t even know there was a handsome church right in the heart of Taguig!

It’s been a while since I last did this godfathering thing, or even held a teeny tiny baby in my arms. Thank you dear Ellen & Eric for trusting & honoring me by making me one of Felicia’s ninangs. May she grow in love & beauty and fill your hearts & home with happiness! <3

During the baptism, I couldn’t help but be especially fascinated with the metal spiral thingy suspended from the ceiling that magically spouted out water over to the metal basin right below it. How very smart, convenient, and modern! Wouldn’t you say so?

Reception followed right after the ceremony at Kabisera, also in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. Kap & I were actually still full from our lunch just over an hour ago but hey, we would never say NO to blessings, teehee.

I mean, how does one say no to Lechon Pugon, right? ;)) My overflowing & very happy plate. Kap to me: Sweetheart, hindi ka halatang busog. MWAHAHAHAHA!

No joy on earth brings greater pleasure than a little girl to love & treasure. As I look at this beautiful photo of Felicia, I remember the days when my very own children were as teeny tiny, bundled safely in my arms & covered with my protection. And now, just like that, they’re all grown up, off their different ways huhu. So Ellen, enjoy her while you still can. Time moves so swiftly! :'(

My dearest Felicia Pilar, as your godmother, I bestow upon you wishes of beauty, grace, courage, wisdom, and a pure & kind heart. Equipped with these 5 virtues, you can make it though this harsh world. I take my godmothering duties seriously so do consider me as your second mother. Come to me anytime you feel like it & I promise to treat you as I would my own daughters.

My dearest Ellen, thank you so much for your faith in me. I will not let you down & I will carry my responsibilities to Felicia Pilar to the best of my abilities. Congratulations to you & Eric! There is no greater blessing than having a new baby. God is entrusting you with another precious gift and He will surely guide you as you embark on this FUNtastic journey with Felicia. <3

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