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Father’s Day 2014

Kap may not be a very hands on Dad. He never changed a diaper, nope -not once. He never knew how to mix a formula or feed our babies their bottles, he never gave the kids a bath. He didn’t carry them much when they were small because he feared he might accidentally “break” them. He doesn’t actually play with the kids or take them out on one-on-one dates, or give them meaningful talks. He doesn’t attend PTA’s or go to school talks (he does attend sportsfests though because Mommy doesn’t do sports!). But where it counts the most, he is DAD in the truest sense of the word.


photo 7

photo 3

He drives them to school each morning. And takes them to tennis or basketball practice. He is the good cop on instances where I have to be the bad one. When my babyson was hospitalized due to jaundice & I was still recovering from my caesarian operation, Kap never left his side from the moment he entered to the day he was discharged.

The kids, they are admittedly closer to me than their Dad because I guess they see me more. It’s always mom this & mom that. The only time they ask their dad anything is: WHERE’s MOM? ;)) But they value their Dad & think the world of him. It’s just that their dad doesn’t know how to talk to them, and has a tendency to always get on their nerves in the few instances that he does. He grew up where the mom took care of the home & the dad took care of the bills. Plus he’s really not affectionate with the kids. But he is the forever comic relief, the driver, the fixer-upper. And most importantly, our spiritual leader. Where I am the heart, he is the soul of our family.



Kap never fails to instill in us the importance of going to church & communing with God. His faith is so strong. I’m so blessed to be married to such a God-fearing & God-loving man. <3


This Father’s Day, the kids gave their dad homemade cards just before we left for church..


photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

From Ate. <3 Her dad, back when he still had this scooter, would always try out his paint colors on it & would come up with ridiculous combinations. One day, he came home with a newly painted scooter that carried the colors of McDo! ;)) Red & Yellow. So they laughingly call it the McDo scooter.

photo 4

This was really a surprise coming from our macho babyson.. “Happy Father’s Day! Dear Dad, Thank you for being such a great Dad & for being my number 1 role model. I always look up to you & I will never stop doing so. You are the best Dad in the world! Love, Batman” This really made me tear. Kap’s pet name for my babyson is Batman because he really liked the superhero when he was but a wee boy. And it kinda stuck even though he’s grown up & doesn’t like Batman anymore. His Dad still calls him that from time to time as a sign of affection. <3

photo 1

This is from my Lovey, which I find pretty clever! ;)) Her Dad loves to tinker with his speedboat & go wakeboarding whenever possible, so this card design is very apt. <3

photo 8

“Dadioooo!!! Thanks for being da coolest and for bringing us to school! People say I look like you but really, it’s just the half eyebrows that you gave me. hahaha..” I really cracked up because she really did get her Dad’s eyebrows which is like half lang. So my Lovey puts petroleum jelly on her brows nightly to grow them out. LOL-ing!!! ;))

photo 2

And even our dear Lelly has a card for Daddy!!! <3


photo 2

Lelly is the TRUE daddy’s girl. I swear, she thinks Kapi is her real dad. She would always crawl up to him every single nap time & make him her pillow. Amoy aso na ang kama namin at kwarto! Now that’s what you call PUPPY LOVE! <3


They also gave him a gift to replace what they call his “daddy jeans” hahaha. Man, they hate their dad’s old frumpy jeans so they got him a couple of new slim-fit ones.



The trouble is, hindi makagalaw si Kap sa sikip!!! ;)) And he can’t put his phone & wallet in the pockets so he makes me carry it in my bag! @_@


photo 9

In his new slim-fit jeans that needs to be cut. Sobrang haba hahaha! He now knows what a wedgie means!!! ;))




For dinner after our usual family movie, we took him out to OUR favorite tonkatsu place, YABU. Sorry Honey! Being a Dad is all about sacrifices anyway, right? ;))


photo 1a

photo 2a

And because it was the kids’ treat, of course they get to choose! ;))

photo 2b

On our way home, we noticed that this seems to be the OOTD of dads now.. cargo shorts & (striped) shirts. Really??? Hayz!


We love you so much Daddy. Anyone can be a Father, but it takes a very special someone to be a Daddy. And you, my dear Kap, are very very special!!! :-*




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