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Why FAT is Good!

FAT – the richest and the best part of anything. Ask me to define fat & that is my straight-faced, honest-to-goodness answer. Coz fat is really just so darn good. Everyone loves it. Food without fat just isn’t worth eating, if you ask me.

And chef MIKEL ZAGUIRRE of the Locavore fame agrees. He agrees so much that everything he serves at FAT -the resto has just that.. Fat -the compound. Straight & simple. Our arteries be damned! :P


FAT Restaurant

Forbes Town Center, 29th Street corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
0917 579 1936 / 02 834 8600 (open only from 5:30pm-10:30pm)

FAT Restaurant embodies guilt-free comfort food. It is unabashedly unapologetic in its gastronomic delights. In fact, it uses fat in all its dishes because fat brings out all the flavors. Never mind the cholesterol & calories. Watch this short clip & drool..

PicMonkey Collage

Armed with my just-received, not-so-good, blood chem result hidden & stashed at the very bottom of my purse with my Kap in tow, we headed to FAT Restaurant the other night. My good conscience tells me: zip you mouth.. zip your mouth. But the other one (which won by the way), kept whispering in my ear: BACON, BACON, BACON!

#YOLO right, so in I went with my biggest, most dazzling smile! :P


FAT Restaurant occupies what used to be IZUMI SAKE BAR whose owner, who due to a change of heart & belief, converted the bar into what is now a restaurant.

The days leading to our visit, reading up on FAT, I’ve been basically warned that Chef Kel uses fat as his tool in his new resto to give his fans awesome & flavorful dishes that only the badass amount of fat can bring. Armed with this knowledge, all I could say to myself as I was being led to my seat was: FML (Fat-My-Life!).


Bar mix 290 php. 12 Spiced nuts, pop corn, powdered sugar, salted caramel. Now any resto that serves glorified POPCORN as appetizer deserves my full attention! ;P



Pork’s ear en croute 370 php. Grilled, herb oil, mango mayo, saffron aioli, rye, pico de gallo. Holy molly! To guise the sinfulness of this dish (gout beware), I covered mine in plenty of greens. Voila: SALAD! ;)



Fat Cubano 490 php. Corned beef, ham, kimchi kraut, pickled cucumber & onion, emmenthal & frites. It’s not so bad, I said to myself. A sandwich is a light meal. *Chomp.



Then out came this Duck Burger 510 php. Pimenton dusted duck patty, sriracha mayo, red onion & orange salad, gruyere & emmenthal. DML (Duck my life!) This I gotta try. I mean 50% duck & 50% beef. RIGHT?? Lemme tell you. It tastes as sinful as it looks. <3



Would you like to try???



Butter Poached Tuna 780 php. Sous vide tuna, mushroom ragout, asparagus, sauteed spinach, wasabi beurre blanc couscous, quinoa. Aha! QUINOA. Healthy. Salad. *Chomp.



And this has got to be my favorite of the night. Salmon Uni Pasta 780 php. Seashell pasta, capers, parmesan, arugula, 64 degree egg, uni, sous vide salmon, crispy salmon skin. If there’s anything that can make you break your diet, it’s THIS. Believe me.



Because Kap was already giving me the evil eye, I made good & concentrated on this Moroccan Spiced Chicken Fillet 590 php. Grilled, spanakopita, cherry tomato, sour cream, pico de gallo.



I performed a miraculous show of constraint & passed on this Choux donuts 280 php. Cream puff donuts, creme anglaise, banana, nutella, chocolate espresso sauce. Mej malayo kasi sa upuan ko.



But just when I thought I was on my way to the straight & narrow, out came this Bacon Baklava 310 php. Phyllo pastry, pistachio, almonds, maple glazed bacon, brown butter ice cream. Again, my other conscience chanted: BACON! BACON! BACON! What’s a girl to do? Plus, it was served directly in front of me. @_@



I totally gave up trying to be good when this Flourless dark chocolate cake 360 php appeared. Praline mousse, creme chantilly, creme anglaise. Again I told Kap as he kept glancing at my plate.. #YOLO!



At Fat Restaurant, Chef Kel brings to you a menu that contains all things fat. Like.. MOI??

We’ve all been told that FAT is bad. But really, is FAT bad? The fact is: we all need fats. Fats help nutrient absorption, nerve transmission, maintaining cell membrane integrity etc. So basically, fat is GOOD. *snicker – Somewhat. What’s BAD is this! THIS is the kind of fat that’s very very bad..

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.06.59 AM

Noooooo!! Mayroong foreveeeeeer!! :'(

And so, to drown my sorrows away, I ATE Ms. Piggy..


Green tea chicharon 190. House made chicharon, honey vinegar, green tea salt. That’s what you get for being BAD! :(



As for forever, I believe that come what may, mayroon pa rin..


MAYROONG FOREVER! Sing with me: ‘Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning..

FAT. Fabulous And Thick. This Miz Piggy is signing off. Good mawnin’!:-*

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