Fashion Week, Ms. Earth by SM

 Judith really loves ate to the max! <3 She heard how ate wants to watch the Philippine Fashion week badly, so Judith surprised us with front row V.I.P. seats at the opening of the Fashion Week featuring the Ms. Earth (Philippines) candidates yesterday. Plus, she got 2 more nights featuring Kermit Tesoro (thur.) & Rajo Laurel for Bench (sunday).

You’re such a lucky, lucky girl, ate! Your ninangs all love you so! :)

Front. Row. Seats! @_@

My ate so happy <3

SM formal wear
haha.. oh babyson! :P
SM casual wear
SM sports wear

I think she’s the cutest. She’s Ms. Muntinlupa or Makati (?)
Shoes by SM ;)
Ms. Earth Philippines candidtates.
My very own candidates, haha! ;P
Shopping in Muji for EXPENSIVE school supplies! @_@ 
I <3 the Buensalida girls. They’ve been so nice & such good friends to my ate.
Dinner at Cafe Adriatico/Abe’s/Lorenzo’s Way after.

Knockout Knuckle
A.K.A. Crispy Pata Bawang, a whole leg of pork deep-fried in garlic and chilies, cited by well known food writer Madhur Jaffrey as the best pork knuckle dish he has tried in the Philippines

Spicy Sisig Pampanga


Minced pork jowl and chicken livers sauteed in garlic spice chilies

Sinuteng Baby Squid


They couldn’t wait for them to grow any bigger, small squid sauteed in olive oil and seasoning

Gising Gising


Minced stalk of kangkong spiced with small chilies and simmered in coconut cream

The Day After


Pork lechon paksiw stewed in its own spicy sauce, coconut milk and chilies

Bamboo Rice


Mountain rice cooked with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots steamed in a bamboo shell

Beef Ribs Ninja
Japanese inspired sweet soy braised beef topped with sesame seeds and sliced scallions

Lola Ising’s Adobo


Fried adobo of pork belly on a bed of adobo rice

Steak Cafe Adriatico
Served with Bearnaise sauce

Lamb Adobo

U.S. Angus Rib Eye                                                                                                                       875.00

Served with mushroom sauce
Hungry Gators! 6k worth!!!
Thank you so much, tita Judith, for such a fun summer of fashion & beauty! <3

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