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Since I’ve lost some weight (which, que horror, I have since put right back on huhuhu), the girls took me to my favourite store in the whole of metro to “look” at clothes as an incentive. INCENTIVE lang daw. I said kasi no buying coz I really want to wait for my birthday before I go on a crazy shopping spree as a reward & gift na rin to myself.

But my girls, they know me too well. One look is all it takes for me to cave in. And one look it was as I saw rows & rows of new fashion collection from CRISELDA LONTOK. Tumibok na any puso ko.

People have a notion that the clothes from Criselda Lontok are pricey & matronly. I beg to disagree. Yes, it’s more for the mature audience, but young professionals from 20 years old up can wear the fashionable clothes which I find are smart but at the same time fun & colorful. I love anything bright & colorful, but I also love monochromes. It really depends on my mood for the day what to wear.

While I was seated & my clothes were being folded by the saleslady, who should walk in but madam CRISELDA LONTOK herself. And I was in complete awe that I had to have a photo taken with her. Pronto!


And of course, because I was so inspired upon seeing her & how nice she is, suddenly everything on the racks beckoned to me ala Confessions of a Shopaholic. Tinatawag ako, ganung ganon! So my purchases doubled. I had to force myself to stop looking at the racks of clothes or I would have gone home with the entire collection.

Here are what my personal stylists chose for me. I’m really lazy & I get overwhelmed easily so what they do is they round up a couple of clothes for my approval. I just sit there & say yay or nay. Aren’t I so lucky with my girls? <3

My girls are fashionistas and they would never allow me to leave the house looking drab. Whenever I have events to attend, I tell them a couple of days ahead of time & voila, when I go to my dressing room my OOTD is arranged down to the accessories & shoes. I LOVE MY GIRLS! I love all my kids equally but girls really bring loving to a whole new level I swear.


I like to dress appropriately, and according to my age. I go to CRISELDA’s by Rustan’s for most of my clothes. Not only because the brand has my size, but also because of the multitude of colors & flattering styles. But sometimes, I like comfort clothes too which I can just throw on in a dash & without overthinking my ootd. Then I shop at Forever 21 which is one of the few stores that carry plus-size clothes.


So these are a mix of mej high end (Criselda’s) & more affordable clothes (Forever 21). I find that my style is somewhere in between. Casual -sometimes rugged, with a touch of elegance. And my girls have got it down to pat. They know what I like & can come up with a a whole outfit that screams “ME”.

Special thanks to my adorable Ate who took pains to lay these out & take photos for my blog. Para maiba naman daw coz all my posts have been about food.


Since my last shopping spree, I have worn almost all the clothes that you’ll see here.


I’m so in lust with pearls right now, so I asked my stylists to incorporate only pearls as my accessories of choice. Pearls always ALWAYS gives an outfit a dash of glamor. Trust me.


This black and white blazer from Criselda’s 2,950.00  is so versatile. I can wear it with a skirt, a dress, shorts, and pants! <3 I LOVE IT! Black dress from Forever 21 – 1,195.00. I like it so much that I bought one in every color! :P


Hot pink ruffled top from Criselda’s 2,550.00. White dress from Forever 21 – 1,195.00



Argyle print top from Criselda’s 2,250.00


Perfect with jeans, pants, or shorts in either all shades of blue, green, and pristine white!


Handkerchief blouse from Criselda’s 2,250.00 A bit pricier than clothes from other department stores, I have to admit, but the material is soooo soft & definitely for keeps even after several washes. In fact, most of my clothes from Criselda’s have been in my closet for the longest time. No wear & tear.


Accessories can make or break an outfit so choose them with care. Never go overboard when wearing prints. Just enough to complement the look.


I love the print on this sketchy A-line skirt form Criselda’s 1,950.00. Even when I’m busog-lusog, it’ll never let me down! :P


Just a bit of sexiness right there. ;) Being plump doesn’t being you can’t be sexy. It’s a state of mind. Your confidence in yourself exudes sexiness. Wag lang sosobra sa GGSS (gandang ganda sa sarili). The height na ng kakapalan ng mukha nun..


The girls gifted me with this bright, colorful jacket from JILL which is turning out to be my favorite because of the multitude of colours. I can easily pair it with anything in my closet as long as it’s solid & basic-colorerd.


Red dress from forever 21 – 1,195.00


My old jacket, plus maxi dress from Forever 21 – 1,435.00 Strings of pearls make the world of difference & just adds glitz to an otherwise plain frock. Forever 21 has so many pearl accessories. Invest in those, as well as gold/silver chains & chunks for a variety.



I love the texture of this trouser from Criselda’s. I have recently purchased solid-colored tops which will go nicely for a toned-down look when I just want to be plain jane. ;)



Another favourite from JILL, this colourful top. I really am attracted to bright, popping colours. And this bejewelled cross necklace is the perfect accessory.


It can be worn casual with shorts, or a bit spiffy with pants & heels.


PINK!!! I die!!! If only I can wear pink all day errday! Sigh. <3 For solid-colorer tops, you can have more than 1 accessory. Huwag lang magmukhang halo-halo. Stick to a theme to look polished & elegant.


he lace textured skirt gives a nice contrast to the plain fabric of the top.


And just like that, ubos na naman ang outfits ko. Patay tayo kay Kap niyan! Gah! I need a fairy godmother who can give me new clothes at the whisk of a wand! *Poof!

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