Not because she is my daughter (well, maybe that too, haha!!), but my ate is super creative! <3 And I just love her to bits!!!

Yes, she may mangle & destroy some clothes (and other stuff @_@) in the process, but art is art, so I let her be! ;))

Look at what she made while I was napping the other day. I get it, you’re bored without me, ate teehee!!

Free hand cutting..
My best friend!!! <3

Skull, but still… ;))
Smart, pretty & artistic. Who wouldn’t be happy to have a daughter like you??? <3 <3 <3
Friends come & go. I’m, here to stay! :-*
Always remember the balance of life, ate. Whatever we can’t have in some aspects, God makes up for others. Like ME being in YOUR life, haha! <3 I’m worth gazillion times –I’ll be your bestest friend. Family means nobody gets left behind… we’re all in this together. I love you!! :-*
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