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Hi guys! :) Remember yesterday I said I would introduce my uncle to you? Well here he is with his family, vacationing from London! (yez, british accent!) And I haven’t seem him since my wedding which was 20 years ago. GRABE!

They have made a good life for their little family in London. My uncle as an orthopedic theater nurse at Ramsay Health Care. And Sheila, an ICU nurse at The Princess Alexandra Hospital. I couldn’t be more proud of them. I cried buckets upon seeing my uncle again & our meeting brought up so many fond memories of us growing up together. I wasn’t particularly close to my dad, so my uncle Jeff was the next best thing. And we were buddies, being closer in age. I’m just bursting with pride on how he has turned his life around & made a good life for him & his family with so much love between them.

My uncle Jeff & his adorable wife Sheila are actually younger than me, lels. Uncle Jeff is the youngest brother of my dad, my only living uncle from my father’s side. So you can imagine my excitement when he contacted me in Facebook & said he was coming home for a short vacay. Of course, I immediately asked for a day.. or two.. or three to spend with them. <3 20 years is a lot of catching up to do you know. And this was the first I was going to see my cousins -aunts & uncle of my kids who are waaaay younger than them haha.


photo 2

20 years of absence means 20 years worth of pasalubong for their APOs. Yes, they are lolo & lola to my kids grabe! ;))



SAY WHAT??? :) The kids are deliriously happy! <3


When I checked my uncle’s Facebook, this is what I saw..


Picture 5

So of course his wish was my command! <3 We took him to Tagaytay Highlands had had a yummy chinese lunch at the CHINA PALACE…















Unfortunately, the weather was really bad so the kids had to cut short their horseback riding & swimming activities. (The next 5 photos belong tp Sheila Doctor-Uy)








Add to that, my babyson got food poisoning from the Oyster that he ate the previous day. The mango shake from our lunch triggered it -or enhanced it, and made him puke & poop all day err’day! (sorry TMI!)

We had to rush him to the emergency clinic -which Tagaytay Highlands thankfully had, as he was so weak & shaking from dehydration. His veins were also too thin so the doctor had a hard time finding where he could stick the needle in. My poor, poor son! </3



photo 4


My uncle & his family are going to Boracay this week so they promised to spend more time with us when they get back next week. I can’t wait! Family will always be family no matter the absent years. Blood will always prevail. And just like that, it’s like the 20 year gap never happened & we were back to our normal selves where we left off. <3

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