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Famfanga Foodtrip

The Bossman invited us to join a tour of his native land, lels.. Famfanga! And we were just too happy to go along. The last time we were in Pampanga was 3 holy weeks ago. And another one when we ate at C’s Italian Restaurant on Valentines.

We were so looking forward to boss Spanx taking us around hole in the wall restos to feast on local specialties.

At 11am, we were on the NLEX hungry & ready to rumble. Kap had errands that day that couldn’t be waylaid further, so it was just me & the kids.. and my adopted daughter Kathi! ;))


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From the get go, we were already munching on something. It WAS a food trip, right???


First stop. Mila’s Original Tokwa’t Baboy where we had the famous tokwa’t baboy, sisig and wait for it.. their LEGENDARY TOCINO BBQ!

Mila’s Original Tokwa’t Baboy
San Antonio St., San Angelo Subd., Sto. Domingo, 2009 Angeles City, Pampanga
63-2-8886727, 63-2-4363297




I really didn’t think the kids would come with me on such a hot, humid day. So it was a pleasant surprise when they said they wanted to come along & accompany their mommy! <3 And yes, I was also wondering why my babyson was wearing a sweater during the hottest day of summer! @_@


Mila’s is a no-nonsense place but you’d be surprised at the steady stream of customers going in & out.



The star of the resto.. with every right to be! \m/ Tokwa’t baboy 200 php.



BBQ Tocino 160 php/order.


Sizzling sisig 200 php.


Paldeot or chicken A$$,50 php/stick.


And my one true love! CHICHARING BULAKLAK 200 php!! <3


The famfanga entourage!



And even though I won’t make it to the wall, of course I needed to have a photo taken with THE lola Mila. ;) She reminds me of my mom, from the hair, to the clothes. 


OOTD: My top is from Criselda’s, recently purchased with the Rustan’s GC from the kids for Mother’s Day. ;) I just had to say it & thank them for their thoughtfulness! I love my new top. <3 My shorts from the PLUS-SIZE section of ZALORA, an online store we frequent. What I can’t find in stores, I buy from Zalora, especially shoes. My feet are wide so it’s really hard for me to find one that suits me. So shopping online at ZALORA makes things simpler & faster for me. :)


Second stop. Downtown Cafe by Claude Tayag who happens to be Boss Spanky’s real to goodness h-uncle! ;) That’s for tomorrow!


Third stop. Susie’s Cuisine for some pasalubong. Of course the girls went gaga over the garlic peanuts! And the tibok-tibok!

Susie’s Cuisine
Address: , Mcarthur Highway, Mcarthur Highway, San Fernando City, Pampanga, Philippines
Telephone No: (6345) 861-2480




To say that is was FULL was an understatement! It took us a while before we could pay for our purchases & get on.


So many to choose from, but ultimately the kids pared down their choices to one..


The bossman gave us a can of Allies peanuts recently & the girls got hooked & hoarded like crazy! FIVE CANS.. 1 for each of us at home. Gosh!


We were told this was also a best seller. The tibok-tibok.

You can find a recipe of this Kapampangan pudding by clicking HERE.


Fourth stop. Duty Free at PUREGOLD. My baby son finally found his much coveted Hawaiian Punch! Yay! After searching far & wide, sa Famfanga lang pala matatagpuan hay!


photo 2

And of course, it doesn’t just stop at that. Oh no, there’s soooo many more the kids wanted to buy. :P


Fifth stop. Homemade Treasures by Chona Ayson. We were beyond full but we forced ourselves to still have some of her yummy ensaymadas! More on that the next day!


Sixth stop. We were supposed to have drinks at Iguana’s Mexican. But decided to pass that pit stop & go directly to what was our last destination.. Bahn Mi Vietnamese Sandwich Eatery for some sandwiches & phos.

Banh Mi Saigon Angeles City
Jacimar Estate, Jesus St Angeles City, Pampanga (045) 888-5805



Bahn Mi is really small. Our group occupied the entire place.




Fresh Spring Roll 99 php.


Bun Thit Nuong (Noodle Salad) 120 php.


Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup) 195 php.



BBQ Pork Bahn Mi 95 php.


Chicken Bahn Mi 90 php.


No time to drive all the way to Pampanga for a bite of Bahn Mi’s? Click HERE to find out where you can get some –right in the heart of Makati! ;)

Thank you so much Boss Spanks for an awesome food trip! Yes, the sun was glaring & the heat was deadly even in the air-conditioned van & restos (grabe malapit ba sa Sun ang famfanga bakit ganun ka-init??). But the company made up for whatever inconvenience we had along the way. I had so much fun that I’m already asking the bossman.. PRETTY PLEASE CAN I GO ALONG PART 2 TOO??

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