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Famfanga Food Trip: Homemade Treasures

Famfanga Food Trip continuation. Fifth stop. Homemade Treasures by Chona Ayson. We were beyond full but we forced ourselves to still have some of her yummy ensaymadas!



I knew of Chona Ayson’s HOMEMADE TREASURES because of Irene (Maker of Indulgence by Irene). Irene gets her ube supply from Chona. But I’ve never tried any of her famous ensaymadas.

Homemade Treasures is known for its quality Capampangan 1930s Ensaymadas and Sansrivals. Other must-trys are Chona’s bestsellers: Cheese Rolls, Food for the Gods, Mango Bars, Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheesecakes, Cakes and Pies.

1. Ensaimadas and Cheese Rolls
2. Sansrivals – Pastel Ruso, Classic Cashew Sansrival and Pistachio Sansrival
3. Mango Bars and Food for the Gods
4. Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies and Blueberries and Cream Cookies
5. Cheesecakes and Pies
6. Candies
7. Mamons
All made to order. A week’s notice is requested. By pick-up only.

When the bossman said a side trip to her factory was on our itinerary for our day trip to Famfanga, I was beyond happy because I really have a gazillion sweet teeth (yes, plural!) & after 2 heavy meals, I was sooo ready for something sweet & buttery.. and cheesy.

Chona greeted us with a big, warm smile when we reached our destination. She’s teeny tiny, I felt like an elephant beside her gosh..



OMG my hair is the same shade as her logo! ;P Now I’m sure it’s too light! Patayin ang colorist! Pareho na kami ni momy Dionisia ng hair color! @_@



Chona converted her air-conditioned baking area/kitchen into a dining hall so we could all fit & eat in cool comfort.



Coming from the heat, we were sooo grateful for these pineapple/calamansi refreshing drinks. These really hit the spot & got us revitalized. Chona is really so sweet & thoughtful to even think of these things to make us feel right at home.


Chona prepared a variety of ensaymadas for us to try. I went crazy of course as I simply had to try all! <3 Pretending it was for the sake of my blog teehee..


Chili ensaymada. 100 php/pc.| 425 php/4 pcs.| 600 php/6 pcs. | 900 php/9 pcs. | 1,200 php/12 pcs.


Ube ensaymada. 110 php/pc.| 465 php/4 pcs.| 660 php/6 pcs. | 990 php/9 pcs. | 1,320 php/12 pcs. This photo doesn’t belong to me. I got these 2 succeeding photos from HT’s facebook page but I think the true source is RICA DE JESUS’ Heart-2-Heart Online blog. CLICK HERE to read her post. <3



We ate our share before remembering to take a phot! :P Sorreh!


Ham ensyamada 150 php/pc. (made with majestic ham).


Greek ensaymada 130 php/pc.




Cheese Roll 65 php/pc.| 385 php/6 pcs. | 770 php/12 pcs.


Pistachio ensaymada 130 php/pc.| 545 php/4 pcs.| 780 php/6 pcs. | 1,170 php/9 pcs. | 1,560 php/12 pcs.


And hands down, still my favorite among all. The buttery, cheesy CLASSIC ENSAYMADA 100 php/pc. <3



To break the ensaymada buffet, Chona also thoughtfully provided some kakanin & fruits. I was happy to eat santol in between.



I will not go into details anymore, just look at these succeeding photos. I am practically drooling as I’m writing this post.


600 php/6 pcs. (4-4.5 inches diameter)


Gahhhh! Gooey belgian chocolate in every bite. <3



Just when we couldn’t take another bite, out came these sansrival assortments. Teasing us & beckoning us to have some more! @_@ This is the classic Sansrival.


And this is Pastel Ruso.


Its origins are somewhat legendary, Empress Eugénie de Montijo of France offered it to Tsar Alexander II when he visited the World’s Fair in Paris. The Russian Tsar loved it so much that  the cake took the name “Ruso” (meaning russian). A sweet dessert made with thin layers of sponge cake, filled with a delicate combination of almonds, egg white, sugar and creamy hazelnut praline. Best served chilled (12-18º Celsius) and stored frozen.

Sugar, egg white, butter, almond, hazelnut, emulsifier (E322) and natural vanilla.

We washed down everything with cups upon cups of Tsokolate Batirol that gave us a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of our bellies! <3


We were all content to just stay there for the rest of the afternoon amidst the yummy ensaymadas, chocolate drinks, and the cool air-conditioned room filled with smells of everything good & delicious, but alas such is not the life of a food blogger. :P So with a heavy feeling, we said goodbye to Chona & the rest of the ensaymadas. Making sure we stuffed our bags to the brim with the leftovers haha.

HOMEMADE TREASURES are available at the following pick-up points:

I. For Pampanga Clients: Homemade Treasures – Porac, Pampanga.

II. For Manila Clients: For unrefrigerated goods only. Every Friday depending on schedule.
1. Makati Area : Focaccia Restaurant – Ground Floor, A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
2. Ortigas/Pasig Area : Astoria Plaza, Ortigas
*Goods maybe delivered to your doorstep thru LBC for Manila, Luzon and Vizmin clients. Please pm or call for info.

For questions or inquiries, please call Chona Ayson at 0928-5070928.


Thank you so much CHONA & HOMEMADE TREASURES for welcoming us, for feeding us, and for sheltering us from the heat. We really enjoyed a well-spent afternoon with you & we hope to be back the soonest! :-*

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