Ezra & Kermit

Her tita Judith asked her what shows in Philippine Fashion Week she wanted to watch the most, without batting an eye, ate chose thursday (Ezra Santos & Kermit Tesoro) and Sunday (Michael Cinco & Rajo Laurel). If she could, she would have wanted to watch THE WHOLE WEEK! @_@ Imagine the time, effort, and expense we have to go through -what a spoiled little girl! ;P It’s good that she settled for the starting, one mid, & the ending.

The best thing about watching a fashion show is dressing up. And that’s just what the kids did.. they could pass for models, if I say so myself! ;P

All photos here belong to Angela Buensalida..

Maybe tita Judith can use her powers to include the kids in the MOA forever 21 opening fashion show! ;)

All that dressing up made them very VERY late, so bye front row seats!
But they still enjoyed the show immensely! <3 

At the SMX Fashion Convention. 

The boys wanted to have a late dinner at Hooters.
Of course! @_@ 
They went gaga over this fried pickle (200 php) 
and a photo op with this hooter girl.
My babyson looks like sush a mama now, sniff! :'((

Right now, we’re dressing up for the last & final fashion show featuring Michael Cinco & Rajo Laurel for Bench. Where Rajo is, the very colorful & fantabulous Tessa Prieto is never behind. And where Ben Chan is, grandiose production is also just around the corner. I have a feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night! ;)

See ya later! :-*

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